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GTS Telecom is the new partner of PAID Romania for IT&C systems development

29.03.2017 | Bucharest | Press Releasess

GTS Telecom, one of the most important infrastructure-based telecommunication services provider in Romania, announces a partnership with The Insurance Pool against Natural Disasters (PAID Romania), through which it will offer the insurance society a broad range of services critical for an activity at the standards required by norms in this field.
Thorugh this partnership, GTS Telecom becomes PAID Romania’s supplier for an extensive range of IT&C services: colocation in the Data Centers owned by GTS Telecom in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, encrypted data transport circuits between PAID’s locations, cloud services (IaaS) and Back-up-as-a-Service, IT&C support and maintenance services and redundant Internet acces services. The solution has been active since the beginning of this year and it is part of a PAID Romania project for infrastructure modernization at the highest standards in the industry and data backup, from the perspective of both their accidental loss and business continuity in th case of natural disasters.
“GTS Telecom convinced us through a high level in redundancy, from a geographic point of view (Data Centers and Cloud platforms is Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca), as well as from the point of view of the topology and equipment of the communication network. We wanted a partner with tradition, certified, one with a high level of expertise regarding data centers and who could offer us, apart from the technical solutions, counselling in their implementation. The GTS team has come to us with the most adequate and fast responses in this process. We know we have made a good choice, one confirmed right from the first visit at the GTS Data Center in Bucharest,” has said Valentin Iordan, Manager of the IT Department at PAID.
“The solution chosen by PAID is a complex one, with focus on data security and the implementation of a business continuity plan, aspects extremely relevant for a player on the insurance market. And even more important since PAID’s role is essential when natural disasters occur, and access to data in those moments represents a critical aspect for the society’s market. Through the implemented solutions, we ensure the permanent availability and protection of the critical business data and processes,” said Razvan Stoica, General Manager of GTS Telecom.