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GTS Power Supply is the system through which your company's communications and security equipment continue to be powered when the main source of electricity becomes unavailable.

The functioning of communications is essential for continuing the activity during the “power outages”, regardless of their cause and duration. Depending on your company activity type, the GTS Power Supply system can provide power:
- via UPS for the period of time needed in order for the data to be saved and the equipment to be shut down safely
- through generators, for longer periods of time, so that the activity continues until the main source becomes available again.

As part of our range of integrated physical security systems, GTS Power supply is a complete service:

  • we design the electrical system and prepare the related documentation
  • we identify the optimal electrical appliances
  • we install the cable channels and electrical cables
  • we install electrical outlets, electrical panels and ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) equipment
  • we install UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source) and PDU (Power Distribution Unit) equipment
  • we put the system into operation
  • we perform measurements for electrical cables
  • we hand over the work to you, together with the As-built documentation
  • we perform maintenance.


  • Integrated services

    You can also add to the secondary power supply the other components of our integrated physical security services: video surveillance, access control, fire and burglary protection, structured cabling.

  • Our experts are doing everything

    From project to maintenance, our teams deliver your turnkey GTS Power Supply system!

  • Adaptable

    Depending on your requirements, we design the system for different power outages from the main power source.


    PDU (Power Distribution Unit): a device that distributes electricity to the connected equipment. ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch): an automatic and intelligent power transfer switch. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source): a quickly available source of stored electricity.


Accidental power outages are one of the most common causes of major problems: communications malfunctions, data loss, physical security incidents. GTS Power Supply helps you have a solid business continuity plan.

Protect the image of your brand

Whether you are addressing a mass target or working in a business-to-business system, it is important to be available for customers on an ongoing basis, as expected.

Ensured safety

GTS Power Supply keeps both communication and security systems functional. This protects not only the data you work with, but also your assets and employees.

You know that you made a good decision

Network failures, unannounced works, accidents or natural events affecting the transmission of electricity may occur at any time. GTS Power supply guarantees that data loss or problems created in such a situation are minimal or even non-existent.

Profitable protection

Interruption of activity due to lack of electricity can cause financial loss. Like the rest of our range of integrated physical security services, GTS Power supply is an investment in the development of your company.




Video calls are part of the new way companies operate, and some of them are simply essential to your business. For example, a presentation for a potential customer. All the effort made to develop the proposal will be successful only if the presentation is clear, convincing and your team can answer the customer's questions. Such a video call, but not only that…, depends entirely on the availability of the communication equipment you use.



GTS Power Supply is a system designed and implemented to help you when the main power supply is no longer doing its job. If you use a generator, you can continue the video call to the end. If you use UPS, you have time to agree with the customer to resume discussions after the power supply returns to normal.



Whatever specifications our experts use to design the GTS Power Supply system you choose, you rely on it to protect your data, employees, and the most important asset you have: serious company image.

Fan Courier

“The technical expertise and professionalism shown by the GTS Telecom specialists, together with the quality of the provided services, are the basis of a long-term collaboration. We are happy to recommend the GTS Telecom services to all of those who are looking for quality solutions, but also for a reliable partner.”


Interruption of the power supply is a permanent risk, regardless of where you operate.

The potential causes of this type of problem are multiple:

  • accidents (road and not only) that damage the poles and transport cables
  • failures in transmission and distribution networks
  • human errors, either from the producers and distributors of electricity, or from the construction works that take place near the transport routes (for example: sectioning of underground cables during excavations)
  • works in the transmission and distribution networks whose ads do not reach you
  • extreme natural events: earthquakes, thunderstorms, strong winds, blizzards, floods.

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