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About GTS Telecom

GTS Telecom, a member of Deutsche Telekom AG, is one of the leading IT&C service providers in Romania with state-of-the-art technologies with exceptional standards.


GTS Data Backup

GTS Backup is designed to protect and ensure the business continuity of customers’ data located in GTS Data Centers or in customers’ premises

Solution brief

vCloud Availability

vCloud Availability (vCAV) is the only VMware-integrated replication solution. vCloud Availability supports a fast on-premises installation, without the need to set up a virtual private network (VPN) as well as VMware compatibility.


Virtual Hosting Environment (VHE)

GTS Virtual Hosting Environment (VHE) is the equivalent of a private Data Center composed of a number of resources (computing unit + memory + storage + additional services)...


Virtual Private Server (VPS)

GTS Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a ready to use solution, working and acting almost in the same way as traditional server, but more scalable, more reliable and sized exactly according to your actual needs.


GTS Cluj-Napoca DataCenter

The GTS Cluj DataCenter is a data center with redundant N + 1 technologies, with a maximum installed power of 500kW (with an estimated annual PUE of 1.4)...


GTS Bucharest DataCenter

The GTS Bucharest DataCenter is a set of independent data centers, with redundant N + 1 technologies, with a maximum installed power of 2MW...


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