GTS Cloud Services Growth Drives Further Expansion

GTS Cloud Services Growth Drives Further Expansion

07.05.2014 | Warsaw | Press Releases

GTS Central Europe (GTS), a leading provider of integrated telecommunications solutions and data center services throughout Central and Eastern Europe, further expands its cloud platforms and availability of solutions in the CEE.

Driven by customer demand, GTS has extended its cloud service portfolio and the number of country-based cloud platforms it owns and operates in the region. Many businesses are interested in moving critical applications into the cloud, but face data privacy laws which may require the cloud service providers’ infrastructure to reside within the country. Therefore, last year GTS added a new cloud platform in Romania and today completed the addition of the Slovakia platform in its Bratislava data center. GTS now manages five cloud platforms with one in each of its core countries, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.     

“GTS has seen increased demand for our cloud services through the CEE region, growing at a CAGR of over 180% over the last two years. To support various national data protection standards and deliver optimal performance, enterprises are increasingly demanding that their cloud environments are managed and stored locally. We are excited to further expand GTS’ cloud infrastructure into all five countries and meet their needs,” said Ignacio Irurita, CTO at GTS.

Through its cloud platforms, GTS offers a broad range of scalable, secure and flexible on-demand computing, storage and network resources to eliminate the constraints of physical IT infrastructure. Recently, GTS added new cloud solutions, including Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Hybrid Cloud.

GTS’ DRaaS is designed for organizations requiring cost-effective business continuity solutions. A disaster recovery site in the cloud allows businesses to realize the benefits of GTS’ cloud with easy access to elastic cloud computing resources and the highest level of data security and operational reliability while eliminating server availability and power consumption concerns.

GTS Hybrid Cloud allows businesses to take advantage of pairing GTS’ Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions with other IT infrastructure, such as existing onsite customer servers, resources from another cloud service provider or an environment built on one of GTS’ other cloud platforms in the region. This enables enterprises the freedom to mix and match workloads to achieve the highest level of flexibility and performance, preserve the utilization of existing IT assets and maximize cost savings. 

“GTS’ Hybrid Cloud offered us the scalability of on-demand cloud capacity in a flexible pay-as-you-grow (PAYG) model. We no longer have to buy and maintain IT infrastructure. With GTS’ agile solution, we are now able to reduce our time to market and focus on acquiring new customers, thus making our business more successful,” said Maciej Teliszewski, President at ClickAd S.A. Group.


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