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We are constantly looking for the best way in which innovation can improve our customers' relationship with technology.

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The development opportunities of companies appear faster than ever in history and are mostly related to the digital world. The same thing happens with the Operational or HR challenges and in the meantime, cyber security risks are growing…

A company manager’s relationship with technology has grown increasingly complex.

Your IT team needs a partner to rely on in any situation.

Do you want a more stable or faster internet connection? Modern landline or special number services? Access control and integrated office security? Solutions for local, national or international data communications? Management for servers, network or wi-fi? Cloud services that are always ready for the next step in your evolution? Or advanced cyber security and business continuity solutions?

Every offer request of a company derives from its need for security, perspective and profitability. The solutions we design are always based on all the GTS experience in the field, on the passion of our engineers and on the state-of-the-art technologies.

We work for each client as if we work for ourselves. That's how we set off in 1993 and that's how we continue every day.


  • You can count on us

    We are part of the Deutsche Telecom Group. We have our own network in Central and Eastern Europe, 3 cloud platforms and 2 Data Centers.

  • 24/7 specialized support

    Our support team consists of specialized engineers and is available 24 hours/day.

  • Certified Quality

    The performance of our services is guaranteed by the terms of the Service-Level Agreement provided in the contract.


Virtual Hosting Environment

Virtual Hosting Environment

GTS Virtual Hosting Environment is our public Cloud service. A customized solution that gives you enterprise-class computing resources, network equipment and storage, colocated in state-of-the-art data centers, built and operated according to the Tier III standard.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service

GTS Disaster Recovery as a Service allows you to restore systems, infrastructure and critical data, as well as resume activity following natural disasters, security breaches or human error.

GTS Access Control

GTS Access Control

GTS Access Control gives you more control over the movement of staff or visitors within your company.

GTS Dark Fiber

Managed Network Security

GTS Managed Network Security provides you with the experience of our professionals in network security solutions.


In our field, the quality of solutions depends primarily on the quality of the supplier. When you have to choose your provider, you can count on us: we are a big business, with decades of experience, and an experienced team working throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

Certified Management Systems

ISO 9001: quality management system. ISO 27001: information security management system. ISO 45001: occupational health and safety management system. ISO 14001: environmental management system.

International Connection

We are the only provider in Romania that can offer you integrated connectivity solutions with coverage in North America, Asia and Europe, through Deutsche Telekom networks.

New perspectives for your IT team

In our activity, we act as partners of the IT specialists in your company. Our services allow you to allocate the time and energy of the in-house IT team to develop specialized projects.

We build profitable relationships

Our experience helps us quickly understand your needs. The quality of the team helps us gain your trust and flexibility helps us create solutions in which innovation becomes a tool for business growth.

Regina Maria

“It is important for us to use the most modern technologies in order to respect the promises made to our patients. The infrastructure-related technological progress ensures the necessary connectivity for a top national medical network.

We have a long-term partnership with GTS Telecom, of over 10 years, during which time they have always lived up to our expectations, acted in a professional way and have met our varied needs (expansion, capacity, quality) with innovative and fast solutions. We have a common goal and that is to provide the best quality services to our customers.”


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