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GTS Voice is a complete, secure and efficient business voice communication solution.

We have designed GTS Voice to help you have an easier and more profitable relationship with technology. We can offer this service through a wide range of technical solutions, which makes it easier to integrate it within your company's IT infrastructure. Furthermore, number portability guarantees a smooth migration.

With GTS Voice you have unlimited calls to all destinations, in two rate options adapted to your company’s needs.


  • Simple configuration

    Choose only the desired phone numbers and interfaces.

  • Controlled costs

    You receive free reports, and a detailed invoice.

  • 24/7 specialized support

    You are constantly relying on the full assistance of our specialists team from Network Operations Centers.

  • Technological independence

    With GTS Voice you have access to the best technology.


The telephone is one of the oldest means of distance communication for business. With GTS Voice, your phone calls have the quality, stability and efficiency brought by digitization!

Uninterrupted operations, guaranteed!

The quality of the equipment, software and network, together with the experience of our team are the elements we rely on when we guarantee you the continuity of GTS Voice operations through SLS.

Low capital investment

Due to the increased compatibility with various hardware, software and network components, you have higher control over the invested budget.

3 technical options

You may choose between:

- Hardware PBX, solution located at your headquarters or hosted in one of our data centers, in Bucharest or Cluj-Napoca

- Virtual PBX, a PBX software solution in the form of a virtual machine in GTS Cloud

- GTS Centrex, a plant hosted and managed by GTS

Rate options

You can choose between packages with included minutes, for which the price per minute decreases with the increasing volume, or consumption rate.




You want a new solution of voice communication but your company has several locations that are not unitary in terms of infrastructure and interfaces.



With GTS Voice you can choose from several access options, which allow you to connect to any location, regardless of the type of the interface or infrastructure.



The common features of all access options are:

- bidirectional communication with new or ported numbers
- all types of call destinations, in particular local, national, fixed to mobile and international
- complex usage reporting, accessible online
- blocking, call forwarding and many other additional features.


“Looking back on ten years of collaboration with GTS Telecom, we can say that we confidently and openly recommend this company for the quality of the telecommunication services, the professionalism and dedication of the account managers we worked with during this period, and the speed with which our requests and needs have always been addressed, both in terms of sales and from a technical point of view.”




Due to its flexibility and stability, GTS Voice is the service chosen by companies of all sizes and companies from multiple fields:

  • companies that need communication services at convenient and easy to estimate costs through the package with minutes included.
  • large companies that anticipate an increase in productivity, for which they need the availability and reliability of the GTS Voice solution.
  • Call Centers that handle a large number of calls and that need a reliable, cost-effective solution through the consumer-based charging system
  • companies with multiple locations, which need a fully managed and integrated voice solution, that guarantees uninterrupted and trouble-free operations, through the GTS Centrex functionality offered by GTS Voice.

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GTS Centrex

GTS Centrex

GTS Centrex is a set of telephony solutions that help you with the simplification and efficiency of voice communication used by your company internally or for the relationship with customers or business partners.

Audio Meeting

Audio Meeting

GTS Audio Meeting is the simple and convenient way of conducting teleconferences that bring together your company's employees or business partners, wherever they are in the world.

Short number

Short number

By using GTS Short Number, your company has a single phone number with the form 031.900X. 



By using GTS Helpline, your company has a 0800.4XX.XXX number, with reverse charge. Customers can call without paying: call costs are fully covered by you.

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