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GTS Managed LAN is the service meant to complete your in-house IT team experience with that of our engineers.

Our team takes over the implementation, maintenance or the change requests for your switches and routers, whether located in our Data Centers or at your company premises.

Implementation means:

  • Installing the solution and preparing the related technical documentation
  • Technical assistance available 24/day, 7 days/week for you to test the solution implemented.

Maintenance is for maintaining the solution functional and the related support:

  • updates and upgrades to ensure the service security and stability
  • backup for configurations
  • restore or roll back in case of trouble after the update/upgrade
  • 24/7 client support

By means of the Change request the solution implemented may be modified, in case of need:

  •  we examine the request
  •  we inform you on the estimated duration of the operation and take action with your consent only
  •  our experts give advice on the available options, based on our long-term experience in the field
  •  you receive the solution-related documentation, including the changes made.


  • Low Costs

    GTS Managed LAN reduces the network operating costs.

  • Cisco & Juniper Professionals

    Our team is made up of certified professionals (including the CCIE level), with extended experience in working with Cisco and Juniper solutions.

  • 24/7 professional support

    You can have an ongoing complete assistance in the Network Operations Center (NOC).

  • Telecom & IT Joint Experience

    Our long-term experience both in telecommunications and IT helps us propose optimized solutions.


Designed for an easier and more lucrative approach to technology, GTS Managed LAN meets your need for a dynamic and adaptable IT infrastructure, with changes made in short periods of time.

More efficient for your IT team

With the support of GTS Managed LAN, your IT team can focus on the company’s business priorities.

The equipment location is irrelevant

GTS Managed LAN is available for both the equipment located at the GTS Data Centers and at your company’s premises.

Less effort for the HR

IT professionals are expensive and hard to find. Having access to our experts through the GTS Managed LAN means low pressure for hiring and training the IT team.

Compliance with the standards

GTS Managed LAN helps your network comply with the stability and security standards required by your activity.





In any business, the company’s growth is closely related to the quality of the telecommunications and IT infrastructure used. The LAN management by the in-house IT team is a good solution in the first years of business but it is likely to reach its limits when your professionals become busier.



GTS Managed LAN is not a simple outsourcing. The experience and professionalism of our engineers support your IT team in ensuring both the network viability and security and an efficient management of the business figures.



Your local network is less of a source of cost and stress and more of a business tool on which you can rely all the time.


“Our relationship with GTS dates back to 2003, during which time their communication solutions were adjusted and adapted to meet our needs as fast and efficiently as possible. The GTS experts team proved to be serious, prompt and professional and developed a full package of integrated IT&C services, customized to our business needs and thus, they simplified our entire process of communication with the employees and car dealers across the country.”



Until recently, the companies’ decision to manage their networks in-house or with some external “freelance” professional was based on financial and operational grounds. Meanwhile, the speed of development of the telecommunications and IT exceeded the power of adjustment of this working system.

Whatever your business line, the security risks and instability of the network are sources of interruptions, errors and unpredicted costs. Furthermore, that pressure set on the IT in-house team may lead to staff motivation and retention issues…

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