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Through the GTS Managed Servers, the GTS engineers may help you design and implement the most appropriate solution for your company servers.

We handle the implementation, maintenance and change requests for the physical or virtual servers that you use.

Implementation means:

  • installing the Linux (Ubuntu and Centos) or Windows operating systems
  • installing the solution and preparing the related technical documentation
  • technical assistance available 24/day, 7 days/week for you to test the solution implemented.

Maintenance is for maintaining the solution functional and the related support:

  • regular updates and upgrades to ensure the service security and stability
  • backup for configurations
  • restore or roll back in case of trouble after the update/upgrade
  • monthly tracking, end of month, of the system-generated logs. We will inform you or rectify any conduct issues.
  • 24/7 client support

By means of the Change request the solution implemented may be modified, in case of need:

  •  we examine the request
  •  we inform you on the estimated duration of the operation and take action with your consent only
  •  our experts give advice on the available options, based on our long-term experience in the field
  •  you receive the documentation for the solution, including the changes made.


  • Top professionals

    Our team has a long-term and top-rated experience.

  • 24/7 professional assistance

    You can have ongoing and full assistance in the Network Operations Center (NOC).

  • IT & Telecom Experts

    Our engineers are experienced and updated on all telecom and IT news.

  • Multiple Versions

    Physical servers or virtual machines. On-premise or co-located in the GTS Data Centers.


With the GTS Managed Servers, the viability and safety of your company’s servers pass to the next level!

Freedom for the in-house IT team

By relying on the GTS Managed Servers, your IT professionals may redirect their time and attention to the company’s business priorities.

Permanently available servers

The experience of our professionals and 24/7 support make the difference!

Stability and Security compliant with the Standards

The compliance with the regulations specific to the company’s business is one of the main objectives of GTS Managed Servers.

Financial Efficiency

Increased stability and safety of your servers without increasing the in-house IT team.





Your company's employees expect access to information to be permanent. Customers of your online store expect the site to be functional and responsive 24 hours a day. A server "crash", even for a short time, can have a serious impact on productivity or sales.



With GTS Managed Servers, the proper functioning of your servers is not just the task of the in-house IT team. The experience and availability of our specialists greatly increase the chances that problems of any kind will be avoided or, when something happens, the solution will come in time.



When the servers function normally, everything is simpler: the relationship with the customers, the functioning of the communications, the daily activities of the employees.

Regina Maria

“It is important for us to use the most modern technologies in order to respect the promises made to our patients. The technological advance in the infrastructure area ensures the connectivity needed for a top national medical network.

 We have had a long-term partnership with GTS Telecom, of over 10 years, during which time they have always lived up to our expectations, acted in a professional way and have met our varied needs (expansion, capacity, quality) with innovative and fast solutions. We have a common goal in providing the best quality services to our customers.



Some business models require powerful servers from the start, with high storage capacity and which can run applications that are essential for the company's scope of business.

Some other times, the need for more efficient servers comes with the growth of the company or with its adaptation to market changes.

In any of these situations and whether you have a complex and high-traffic website, sensitive databases or web apps, the decision to use powerful servers must be supported by that of their administration by a team of experts with huge experience and permanent availability.

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