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Created to help you have an easier and more profitable relationship with technology, our data centers are the solid foundation that ensures the stability of essential services for your business activity.

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The safest place for your company data

In an increasingly complex world, you need more and more security.

We designed and built the two GTS data centers, in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, as fortresses dedicated to defending the most sensitive parts of your business: the IT infrastructure. We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology from manufacturers dedicated to the niche they operate in, which allow us to ensure 100% operational availability.

Our data centers were built according to the Uptime Institute Tier3, TIA 942 standards and have ISO 27001 certification, class II ONJN license and authorization for electronic archiving operations. They also comply with the PCI DSS standard.

Get all the technical details by downloading the brochure from the link below. Then, take a few "steps" through our data centers: we are inviting you to virtual tours in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca!

You can rely on GTS data centers!

GTS data centers are located in permanently human security guarded premises, with access control and CCTV systems.

The power supply and the cooling of the hosted equipment are carried out through infrastructures designed for high loads and permanent availability (fully redundant N+1 system: UPS and Diesel generators, plus high precision air conditioning units).

Advanced fire protection is provided by modern and efficient detection and inert gas extinguishing systems. The temperature and humidity inside are being controlled and guaranteed according to the existing standards in our field.

Our teams of engineers specialized in Data Center and Cloud provide you with 24/7 complete and proactive support.

Furthermore, the two data centers are located at more than 300 km away from each other, on different tectonic plates. This fact is meant to assure you that, whatever happens, you can rely on the GTS data centers!

Secure connections

Our network is designed to work even in cases when one or more routes are affected. If necessary, the data transport towards the two centers is automatically routed on alternative routes, so that the services remain functional and so that we can offer 99.9% redundancy.

GTS Data Centers
GTS Data Centers

BucharestGTS Data Center

The Bucharest GTS data center is made out of three independent data centers, with redundant N+1 technology, a maximum installed power of 2MW and a colocation capacity of 240 racks.

The Bucharest GTS data center is located inside the Electromagnetica Business Park (Calea Rahovei, no. 266 - 268), one of the largest office building complexes in the center of the Capital.

Cluj-Napoca GTS Data Center

The Cluj-Napoca GTS data center is a data center using redundant N+1 technologies, with a maximum installed power of 500kW and a current colocation capacity of 60 racks, with immediate expansion potential.

The Cluj-Napoca GTS data center is located inside Liberty Technology Park (20 Gării Street), one of the most modern technology parks in Romania.


Virtual tours

Access to GTS data centers is highly restricted. However… the gateway to virtual tours is wide open: welcome to our fortresses!

Services available within GTS data centers

The development of modern business is closely related to digitalization. Our data centers are the solid foundation on which the quality and stability of essential services for the activity of your company are based.

Virtual Hosting Environment

GTS Virtual Hosting Environment is our public cloud service: a customized solution for the needs of your company.

Virtual Private Server

GTS Virtual Private Server is a ready-to-use solution: virtual servers with pre-installed operating systems, standard applications and dedicated applications.


With GTS Colocation you have a secure and professional environment for installing your company's IT infrastructure.

Private Cloud

You do not want to use public cloud versions? With GTS Private Cloud you have a dedicated virtualization platform!


Dedicated Storage

GTS Dedicated Storage provides you with storage space for your company data, offered as an Infrastructure Service.

Backup as a Service

We ensure the protection and permanent availability of your company’s critical data.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

With GTS Disaster Recovery as a Service you have the complete and complex plan to resume the activity of your company. This covers hardware, network, servers, computers or peripherals.


Non-stop protection with GTS Anti-DDoS: the negative effects of DDoS attacks are reduced by monitoring and countermeasures.

Firewall as a Service

With GTS Firewall as a Service you are more protected against cyber-attacks, without allocating additional resources.

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