GTS Burglar detection and alarm

GTS Burglar detection and alarm

Part of the integrated GTS security systems
Turnkey delivery
Specialized technology
Employee and investment safety

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GTS Burglar Detection and Alarm is the service that helps you prevent problems caused by unauthorized and malicious intruders.

For burglar detection and alarm or aggression, the system can use:

  • one or more centralizing and signaling equipment
  • specific detectors or personal alert devices
  • devices to enable / disable partition monitoring
  • audio and optical warning devices
  • alarm transmitting devices towards alarm reception centers.

Our specialists in integrated security systems deliver a complete service:

  • we design the solution and prepare the related documentation
  • we identify passive and active equipment (controller, detectors)
  • we install the cables, install and configure the equipment
  • we test the system, put it into operation and train the employees who will work with it
  • we hand over the work to you, together with the As-built documentation
  • we perform maintenance.


  • Specialized Technology

    Dangerous situations for employees or company assets are prevented with the help of systems and components that use state-of-the-art technology.

  • Faster intervention

    GTS Burglar Detection and Alarm can send the alarm to security companies, whose teams can move in to stop intruders or limit the effects of their actions.

  • Integrated services

    You can also add to burglar protection the other components of our integrated physical security services: video surveillance, fire detection, access control, power supply and structured cabling.

  • Our experts are doing everything

    From the project stage to the training of your employees, our teams deliver you the turnkey system!


GTS Burglar Detection and Alarm is a modern, flexible and scalable solution designed to protect your company's headquarters or premises against unauthorized intrusion.

Discouraging potential wrongdoers

Visible elements of the GTS Burglar Detection and Alarm system are a clear sign that the enclosure is protected: a warning for those who would like to enter with the intention of causing damage.

Controlled costs

The extra security you want for your office does not mean replacing the locks with more expensive ones or raising a higher fence. GTS Burglar Detection and Alarm is the efficient solution, based on the technology and the experience provided by our specialists.

Intrusion detection in any form

GTS Burglar Detection and Alarm monitors and detects:

- doors or windows opening (by magnetic contacts)
- the presence of people within the monitored areas (through infrared and ultrasound)
- crossing a specific line (via infrared barriers, capacitive cables or sensitive optical cables)
- breaking windows (by acoustic analysis), perforating walls or ceilings (by analyzing vibrations)
- cutting, climbing or crossing a fence (with sensitive cables).

Fast detection

Detectors that sense movement, immediately send the signal to the alarm control panel, faster and more accurately than by the action of a security guard.




The highest fence can be jumped over. The strongest lock can be forced. The theft of an external hard drive or a smartphone does not only mean a loss of a few hundred lei, but also the risk that the information stored in the two devices will end up in the hands of the wrong person...



GTS Burglar Detection and Alarm is the tireless and always careful "guardian" of your company's premises.



Future plans are made with more confidence when you know that you have paid the necessary attention to today's safety.


„GTS is one of Gothaer's longest-standing partners and an excellent provider of telecommunication services. The technological solutions offered by GTS provide us with a stable communication flow, in a secure environment, which contributes to the efficiency of our daily operations.”


As everywhere, there are valuable assets in your headquarters, which are subject to theft, vandalism or destruction. From computers and mobile phones, specialized equipment, expensive decorative objects, products or samples, to industrially owned objects (inventions and industrial designs).

Any weakness in the locking systems for gateways, doors and windows or in the organization of security will be noticed and used by criminals. The impact of a theft is seen not only in the material loss produced, but also in the mood of the employees, who will feel insecure…

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