GTS Telecom launches the data protection Disaster Recovery solutions

GTS Telecom launches the data protection Disaster Recovery solutions

23.09.2019 | Bucharest | Press Releases

GTS Telecom, one of the leading IT&C service providers in Romania, with the latest technologies, launches a comprehensive Disaster Recovery solutions and invests over 1.5 million euros in the development of its data and Cloud centers, as well as in additional communications support.

GTS Telecom's Disaster Recovery solutions help companies to restore critical systems, infrastructure and data, and enabling them to continue their business activities even after a natural disasters, security breaches or human error. The DR solutions respond to any replication scenario requested by the client or to the industry regulations in which the client activates, being able to accommodate replications of physical or virtual servers to the Cloud, from a private Cloud to a public Cloud, regardless of the virtualization technology used by the client.

The Disaster Recovery solutions development comes from a growing interest from customers in ensuring cyber security, as well as for the continuity of operations in case of major incidents or vulnerabilities of their critical information systems. GTS Telecom is one of the few companies that offers its customers a complete product, based exclusively on its own infrastructure. located in Romania, and which integrates its telecommunications services, Data Center and Cloud, to allow business to resume their activities within minutes. The technologies of infrastructure recovery, Cloud and backup are impeccably adapted to the needs of the market, being easy to use, efficient and offering a total availability of data.”, stated Răzvan Stoica, CEO GTS Telecom.

„Our customers benefit from the expertise and advanced knowledge of GTS specialists in identifying and building the optimal solution for each business, depending on the infrastructure that the client already uses, but also on the requirements for data restoration time or the number of previous version of the data they want to save.”, mentioned Sorin Drăghici, Sales Director GTS Telecom.

The total investment of 1.5 million euros, planned to be fully accomplished by the end of 2019, is allocated for the development of the two existing GTS data centers and Cloud platforms, the extended Ethernet and MPLS network, which also enabled the launch of the complete Disaster Recovery solutions.

Using the telecommunications infrastructure, data centers and Cloud platforms owned and operated by GTS, Disaster Recovery solutions facilitate companies to implement business continuity plans, monitor and recover data in any situation.

Through Disaster Recovery, GTS Telecom strengthens its range of security services, which includes Firewall as Service (Fwaas) - launched early this year, in March, Backup as a Service, GTS Anti DDoS, Managed Network Security, anti-malware and integrated security solutions ( video surveillance, access control, burglary detection and alarm).



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