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GTS Structured Cabling is the service through which we create a unique infrastructure for your company that can support telephony equipment, computers, servers, routers, switches, video cameras and security systems.

The cables that are a part of your data or voice networks are installed according to a set of tested principles, for added safety, efficiency and reliability.

Part of our range of integrated physical security systems, GTS Structured Cabling is a complete service:

• we design the structured cabling system and prepare the related documentation

• we identify and supply you passive (socket, patch panel, patch cord, UTP / FTP cable, optical fiber, rack, accessories) and active (MC, switch, router) equipment

• we install the cable channel and the UTP / FTP cables

• we install the sockets and we mount the equipment racks

• we install the patch panel, active equipment and patch cord

• we insert the cables into sockets and patch panel

• we test the cables and connectivity with professional equipment

• we configure, test and operate the system

• we hand over the work, together with the As-built documentation

• we provide maintenance for the installed solutions and systems.


  • Integrated Services

    You can add to the structured cabling the other components of our integrated physical security services: video surveillance, access control, fire and burglary protection, power supply.

  • Rapid expansion

    Whenever new users are added, attaching those devices to the network can be done quickly and easily.

  • Our experts take care of everything

    Our teams take care of everything so that you can have a well-designed and implemented GTS Structured Cabling system!

  • Cheaper administration

    A well-ordered IT infrastructure can be managed more efficiently and at a lower cost.


Created on tested principles and using top equipment, the GTS Structured Cabling brings order to your company's IT infrastructure.

Preparing for the future

GTS Structured Cabling helps you keep your infrastructure running even when the company grows and has new communication and security needs.

More precise interventions

When problems arise, the clear and logical wiring structure helps your IT team to quickly identify the source and intervene precisely.

Useful from day one

Even if you are just at the beginning of the road, it is more efficient and cheaper for your company to use an orderly infrastructure: good organization always leads to development!

Easy to disassemble and assemble

Once your company's infrastructure is integrated with the GTS Structured Cabling, it can be easily disassembled and mounted in another location if you decide to move.




We all know what a cable infrastructure that has grown “naturally” looks like: a twisted bundle of cables, about which no one knows exactly what they do and where they lead… The lack of any principle of organization leads to the daily risk that a rather simple IT intervention creates bigger problems than the one it solves.



The order of GTS Structured Cabling greatly simplifies the administration and troubleshooting of your data and voice networks. In addition, there is a risk of disconnecting the wrong ports or damaging a cable by trying to disentangle it.



When working in orderly systems, people know better what to do and do not rush.
The infrastructure organized by GTS Structured Cabling becomes a tool that increases the efficiency of your IT team.


“Our relationship with GTS dates back to 2003, during which time their communication solutions were adjusted and adapted to meet our needs as fast and efficiently as possible. The GTS experts team proved to be serious, prompt and professional when developing a full package of integrated IT&C services, customized to our business needs, thus simplifying our entire process of communication with the employees and car dealers across the country.”


Why structured cabling and not point-to-point cabling?

Point-to-point cabling is the old method of networking. The connection between two components of the network was made directly, through a dedicated cable. As each new connection required a new cable, the network quickly became too complex to be managed efficiently. With the increase of the number of cables added successively in the already famous "twisted bundles", the reliability also decreased.

Structured or wireless cabling?

Structured cabling and wireless connectivity do not exclude each other, but are complementary. Wi-fi is a scalable and flexible method of access, but for maximum security and connection quality, your company's communications and security infrastructure must be based on structured installed cables.

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