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About GTS

Established in 1993
A Deutsche Telekom AG Company
Clear, solid, adapted solutions
State-of-the-art technologies

About us

We are specialists in IT&C services based on state-of-the-art technologies.

We began our journey in 1993 as the first company that provided internet services in Romania. We then contributed to the development of the IT&C market and that of the entire company. We are part of the Deutsche Telekom Group.

Our customers are both local and international companies with high standards. We are honored to know that they trust us and so, we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves.

We are in a constant search for clear, solid solutions that change with the customers’ needs.

We are in a continuous process of innovation, but we only believe in the tested innovation.

We create integrated solutions whenever integration is relevant to the customer.

We value order: through it, we simplify the increasingly complex relationship that our customers' businesses have with the world of data and telecommunications.

Data centers


GTS Vision

We are dedicated to the business world. The high quality of the services we offer helps us create relevant and efficient solutions for our customers.

We are always updated and know everything about our areas of expertise.

Our vision is tested and validated by time and by our customers’ business results.


We are dedicated to our customers

It is essential for us to understand customer needs and to build innovative solutions meant to help them grow their business.

We keep our word

Trust has to be earned. We keep our word and do what we promise to do, so that everyone knows they can count on us.

Our people make the difference

We are passionate and skilled. We have the courage to try new things. We work as a team to deliver services at the highest standards. We are proud of GTS.


GTS Telecom was created by the merger between KPNQwest Romania and GTS Romania, both founded in 1993. KPNQwest Romania, originally called EUnet, was the first commercial internet service provider in Romania.

After the merger, the two companies jointly operated the national communications infrastructure and put into operation the first private cross-border network after the liberalization of communications in 2003, in Oradea.

In 2014, Deutsche Telekom AG bought the GTS Central Europe group, thus becoming the owner of GTS Telecom.


EUnet Romania and GTS Central Europe (subsidiary of GTS Inc. USA) were established in the same year, but there was no connection between them. GTS has thus become one of the leading companies in Central and Eastern Europe with a solid backbone and its own multinational network of high-capacity data transmissions, secure data centers and networking specialists.


GTS completes its portfolio with internet services, offering customers in the business environment access to high speed internet at the highest quality, through dial-up, satellite and optical fiber.


KPNQwest/GTS Romania is the new name of EUnet Romania. The company is expanding its portfolio by including IT&C solutions. Expanding the network infrastructure is a key component of the success in Central and Eastern Europe.


GTS becomes the founding member of the National Association of Internet Service Providers in Romania (ANISP) and of RoNIX (Romanian Network for Internet eXchange).


KPNQwest and GTS Romania merge under the name GTS Telecom.


GTS launches the first Data Center imprint in Bucharest, in the Electromagnetica Business Park building.


GTS Telecom buys the telecommunications company Datek Telecom, consolidating its position on the telecommunications market.


Deutsche Telekom AG buys the GTS Central Europe group.


GTS launches the second Data Center in Romania, Cluj-Napoca, in the Liberty Technology Park building. On the same year, the GTS Cloud service stream receives the EuroCloud Europe award for “Best cloud service for horizontal markets”.


GTS Telecom celebrates 25 years of activity in Romania!
On the same year, GTS Telecom receives the “Partner of the Year 2017 Bitdefender” award.


GTS Telecom strengthens its range of security services by launching the GTS Firewall platform as a Service and a Disaster Recovery cyber security solution.


Răzvan Stoica, General Manager

“I am an engineer who graduated Electronics and Telecommunications from the BPU, and who came to GTS driven by… the purpose of learning new things, thus responding to a challenge! My reward was witnessing the beginning of a new dedicated internet access era.

I started in 2000, as a Sales Manager, then got involved in the company's development and transformation projects. In 2005 I took the position of Chief Operations Officer, and as of 2013 I became the General Manager.

In my opinion, GTS is an entrepreneurial environment, with employees that are able to find solutions for any challenge. These people are the ones who helped me grow as a professional and as a person, and the ones from whom I keep on learning!”


Mircea Preda, Technical Manager

“I came to GTS in 2003 when my mission in life was already established: to keep on building.

GTS won me over by offering this opportunity from the very beginning! Over the years, I had the opportunity to contribute to the company's mission in several areas: sales, procurement, quality management, strategic and technical-operational projects.

The field we work in is prone to a fast and continuous change. If you want to build something impactful and durable, you have to do it for and together with the people around you!”

Sorin Drăghici, Commercial Manager

“As a Commercial Manager, I am responsible for the GTS teams involved in direct sales, tele sales, marketing, product management, wholesales, presales and sales support for customers.

Because of this diversity of specialties, my main goal is one related first and foremost to people.

The more I value the professionalism of each person I work with, the better are the solutions we build every day for the needs or challenges of our customers!”

Why GTS?

We are the partner that helps you have an easier and more profitable relationship with the latest technologies used by your company!


We started in 1993, as the first commercial ISP in Romania. Today we operate our own cross-border network that interconnects directly with Tier 1 operators. We are always prepared for what’s to come!


We are assigning a dedicated, attentive and persevering Account Manager for you - together with our most important teams, he shall answer any support requests and questions from you or your team.



100% operational SLA since the launch of data centers. Public cloud: 99.999%. Data transport infrastructure: 99.98%.


The support team, made out of specialized engineers, answers quickly and is available 24/7, every day of the year.

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