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GTS Video Surveillance is the system, based on experience and reliability, that will help you protect the company's headquarters, warehouses or other locations.

As part of our range of integrated physical security systems, GTS Video Surveillance is a closed loop television (CCTV) system. Surveillance cameras capture images from an area of interest that can be viewed in real time or recorded for later viewing.

We deliver GTS Video Surveillance as a complex and complete solution:

  • we design the CCTV system and prepare the related documentation
  • we deliver your active and passive equipment, we install the cables and the equipment
  • we configure and test the system, put it into operation and train the employees who will work with it
  • we hand over the work to you, together with the As-built documentation
  • we endorse the system installed at DGPMB (according to art. 69 of Law no. 333/2003 regarding the protection of objectives, goods, values and people)
  • we perform maintenance.


  • Integrated services

    You can also add to video surveillance the other components of our integrated physical security services: access control, fire and burglary protection, power supply, structured cabling.

  • Designed for simplicity

    Although GTS Video Surveillance is a complete and complex system, its use and administration are easy to handle by the staff trained by our experts.

  • Remote access

    All surveillance cameras can be accessed remotely. Images can be viewed on monitors, TVs, computers or mobile terminals (smartphone, tablet).

  • GTS does everything

    From project status to the last meter of cable. From choosing the cameras to obtaining the legal approval. Our teams deliver your turnkey GTS Video Surveillance system!


GTS Video Surveillance is a service designed to help you keep an easier and more profitable relationship with technology, and to ensure the safety of your business and employees.

Full range of camcorders

The cameras used by GTS Video Surveillance work in any space and for any requirements your company may have. We even have EX (explosive media), submersible, thermal detection, mobile (Speed Dome, PTZ) or hidden cameras.

License Plate Recognition system

GTS Video Surveillance can include a LPR (License Plate Recognition) system, useful both as a source of information about car access and for its control options. Access for each car may only be allowed between certain hours or may be completely prohibited.

Better prevention, increased safety

A video surveillance enclosure is less attractive to the mischievous. Anyone who becomes suspicious through the behavior and actions captured by the cameras can be quickly stopped from carrying out their bad intentions.

Physical security costs are decreasing

Our experience with CCTV systems makes the cost-quality ratio very good in terms of not only installation and equipment, but also in the long-term use of the solution.




Disputes between employees. Car accidents on the premises. Work accidents. Thefts. Whenever something serious happens in a company, the management or the law enforcement officers need timely, accurate and objective information.



Images captured and recorded by the GTS Video Surveillance system are available immediately and can help you have a clear picture of the event in question.



The information in the images is objective and undeniable. Based on them, the company's management can make the necessary decisions, and the investigators, if needed, can shed light on the case more quickly.


“Our relationship with GTS dates back to 2003, time during which the communication solutions offered by them have been adjusted and adapted to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible to our needs. With seriousness, promptness and professionalism, the GTS experts team managed to develop a complete package of integrated IT&C services, customized to our business requirements, thus simplifying the entire communication process with employees and car dealers across the country.”



GTS Video Surveillance is useful for companies and organizations in any field and of all sizes. A few examples:

  • production businesses with locations where hundreds of employees’ work, equipped with high value equipment and with storage spaces for parts and finished products
  • construction sites where several teams work at the same time and which have a continuous traffic of  materials and components delivery
  • shopping malls with many shops, with a high volume of public and employee traffic
  • schools and universities that want to protect their staff, students and facilities
  • public and private parking areas
  • retail spaces that want to use video images for protection against theft and vandalism, but also for marketing analysis of customer movement through the store
  • parks and other recreational areas used intensively on certain days or periods (beaches, promenades, ski slopes, skating areas, etc.)
  • nightclubs and discos, for the supervision and protection of employees and customers in low light conditions and in the presence of specific lighting sources.

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