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By using GTS Short Number, your company has a single phone number with the form 031.900X. This number can be used both when you receive and when you make calls.


  • Unique call number for your company

    Your customers and business partners will appreciate this simplification of contact.

  • Easy to remember

    A short number is easier for your company's customers to remember.

  • Speed dial

    With GTS Short Number, the chance of a customer calling you immediately after seeing an advertisement or promotional material for your company increases.

  • Digital quality

    Using state-of-the-art equipment and relying on our solid and high-capacity network, GTS Short Number calls are stable and sound good.


GTS Short Number is a service designed to help you have an easier and more profitable relationship with technology.

Able to receive calls from other networks

Your GTS Short Number can be called from the fixed and mobile national networks with which we have concluded interconnection agreements.

100% availability

As with our other services, the continued availability of GTS Short Number is guaranteed by SLA.

One number, more lines

You can use GTS Short Number along with equipment that allows you to answer multiple calls simultaneously, by multiple users.

24/7 specialized support

You can always receive full and proactive support from the Network Operations Center (NOC).




Your company's business model is based on a large volume of customer transactions, customers which are calling you for information and orders. You have decided to switch from the standard format numbers used so far to a single, short number, but the phone operator you are currently working with no longer has short numbers available.



Move to GTS! A 031.900X number assigned through GTS Short Number makes things easier for both you and your customers.




A format number such as 031.900X is:
- easier to promote in advertising campaigns
- more visible in the design of the site, on the promotional materials, on the packaging or on the vehicles
- easier to remember

Fan Courier

“The technical expertise and professionalism shown by the GTS Telecom specialists, together with the quality of the provided services, are the basis of a long-term collaboration. We are happy to recommend the GTS Telecom services to all of those who are looking for quality solutions, but also for a reliable partner.”



Short numbers are most often found in companies that have telephone lines where they give information or through which they take orders or appointments: taxi, food delivery, trade, medical services.

A number chosen through GTS Short Number is useful in these areas, but not only. Any customer appreciates when they have an easier way to contact you, no matter what services or goods you offer.

Furthermore, using a short number from the first moment of the company launch on the market gives you the chance to gradually build the association of your brand with that number.

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