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For any connection and data transport needs your company might have, you can permanently rely – nationally and internationally – on the GTS network!

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Designed, built and managed for performance and reliability.

We own and operate a national, redundant network, built on 10/100 Gbps capacity rings. The over 100 GTS presence points (PoP) in Romania are equipped at N+1 redundancy level for infrastructure components (power supply and cooling) and benefit from at least two different optical fiber connectivity routes.

Our preventive maintenance program is quite rigorous and includes all elements of infrastructure (civil, power, cooling and security), both for PoPs and GTS data centers. The purpose of this program is keeping 100% uptime for the services we deliver to your company. 

Locally, we have our own optical fiber networks in the main cities of the country and direct interconnections (peering) at 1/10 Gbps capacities with the main local ISPs. We are present in the first Internet Exchange in Romania, RONIX, and in the neutral collocation centers NXDATA-1 and NXDATA-2.


The connectivity between your company and content sources is made directly and with the help of the stability offered by our international network.

GTS Telecom network is directly connected to Deutsche Telekom's global network, which has its own regional networks in North America, Asia and Europe. We are the only service provider in Romania that can offer you integrated connectivity solutions with this coverage!

We are also the only operator in Romania present in Internet Exchange Point (Romania - RONIX, Hungary - BIX, Czech Republic - NIX, Slovakia - SIX, Poland - PL-IX) and international ones (Vienna - VIX, Frankfurt - DE-CIX , Amsterdam - AMSIX, London - LINX).

For high-speed and low-latency internet connectivity, we have redundant connections to major Tier 1 providers: Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, CenturyLink (e.g. Level 3), Telia Carrier.


The solid foundation that ensures the stability of essential services for your business activity.

The IT infrastructure, which is the most sensitive part of your business, deserves to be protected in the two GTS data centers, located in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca.

The latest equipment and technology, together with the passion and experience of our specialists, allow us to ensure 100% operational availability.


We are the partner that helps you have an easier and more profitable relationship with the latest technologies used by your company!


We started in 1993, as the first commercial ISP in Romania. Today we operate our own cross - border network that interconnects directly with Tier 1 operators. We are always prepared for what’s to come!


The support team, made out of specialized engineers, responds quickly and is available 24/7, every day of the year.


Operational SLA 100% since the launch of data centers. Public cloud: 99.999%. Data transport infrastructure: 99.98%.

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