Virtual Fax

Virtual Fax

24/7 specialized support
Faxes in the email inbox
Multiple simultaneous transmissions
Easy network switching

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With GTS Virtual Fax, sending and receiving faxes remains relevant in the 21st century, thanks to the simplicity, efficiency and security of digitalization.

You can send and receive faxes directly from your email account, using any phone number your company has. Each user can have their own fax number.

You no longer need a fax machine: printing is done only when necessary, using existing printers. Furthermore, because they are received electronically, all faxes can be digitally archived together with the rest of your company's data - with GTS Virtual Fax, the risk of losing faxes disappears!


  • Customizable

    Each user can have their own fax number.

  • Maximum compatibility

    GTS Virtual Fax is compatible with any email client, in any operating system.

  • No limits

    You can send faxes to any fax number, worldwide. You can receive faxes wherever you are, if you have internet access. GTS Virtual Fax can be used by an unlimited number of users.

  • Multiple transmissions

    GTS Virtual Fax is superior to the traditional solution in that it supports receiving and sending multiple faxes at the same time.


Is your company still relying on faxes? Designed to help you have an easier and more profitable relationship with technology, GTS Virtual Fax makes this popular type of business communication more efficient and secure.

No specialized equipment

GTS Virtual Fax works through the email client, on computers, tablets or smart phones already used by your team.

Secured solution

As access to the email is password protected, faxes cannot be sent or received by unauthorized persons.

24/7 specialized support

You can always receive full and proactive support from the Network Operations Center (NOC).

Easy network switching

You can use the current fax numbers for the GTS Virtual Fax: switching from any other network is done with minimal formalities, with full support from our team.

When is GTS Virtual FAX needed?



Faxing is one of the oldest and most reliable ways of communicating in business. Its current use concerns in particular the exchange of official documents between companies. This makes it all the more necessary to adapt it to the characteristics of the modern business world.



GTS Virtual Fax turns fax into an exclusive digital tool: secure, scalable, available wherever there is a connection through which the user can use an email. 



GTS Virtual Fax integrates easily with the IT systems you currently use, without the need for specific equipment budgets and their maintenance. The faxes received as digital documents, decrease the expenses with paper and printing. Furthermore, it is very easy to archive them digitally and then consult them, if necessary!


“GTS is one of Gothaer's longest-standing partners and an excellent provider of telecommunication services. The technological solutions offered by GTS provide us with a stable communication flow, in a secure environment, which contributes to the efficiency of our daily operations.”


GTS Virtual Fax is ideal for companies that send large amounts of faxes. However, the advantages are clear even for occasional users:

  • fax delivery alerts are similar to email alerts
  • fax communication becomes more organized and efficient through digitization and automation
  • GTS Virtual Fax is available anywhere in the world
  • maintenance costs for traditional fax equipment and technologies are eliminated.

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