Anniversary Teambuilding

A new unforgettable teambuilding in a place that you will always remember! A weekend in Varna with the entire team, with lots of challenges, games and fun. The highlight of the weekend? GTS 25th anniversary party!

8th of March gifts

For the 8th of March, the "GTS girls" receive the most interesting gifts from the company. Here, we held a ceramic painting workshop where we had fun, worked together and became creative!


We are constantly learning, we do not hold back from any effort that helps our clients or colleagues, and we always have lots of fun! Do you like the idea of becoming a part of our team? Let's see which of the jobs suits you best!


Color and fantasy at the Christmas Party!

What does Santa bring us at the Christmas parties? In addition to music and high glee, we always enjoy little surprise ideas, which give even more color and spark to the evening.

The “Employee of the Month” Program

On a monthly basis, each of us can nominate a colleague who stood out during that month. Then the whole team votes, thus choosing the Employee of the Month! The award is handed within a ceremony that, most of the times, turns into a small ad-hoc party…

“Bring Color into Your Life” Contest

Each contest has a previously set theme. Participants then send photos or movies that correspond to the given theme, then we vote, and the winner or winners get awarded.

How does your home office look like?

During the isolation period in the spring of 2020, one of the themes for the "Bring Color into Your Life" contest was "Home Office". Funny photos are a source of fond memories of that difficult time…

We were the guides of Pelișor Castle!

An unforgettable teambuilding was also the one in Sinaia: a weekend in which we all worked… with love and appreciation! We took over Pelisor Castle for a day: we sold tickets in the centre of Sinaia, we were the guides of our visitors, we wrote, stage-managed and performed in a play using the wonderful setting of the Castle!

GTS Ping-Pong Championship

What do you do when most of the men on the team say they are good at ping-pong? You set up a Championship! The matches were played, and the champions, as an old saying in sports says, were those who… wanted victory the most!

Christmas Party: Geek vs. Popular!

Our Christmas parties always have a theme. Here we were in the Expirat Club, where each of us came dressed as either Geek or Popular. Straps, bow ties, thick-rimmed glasses: can you guess the role of the girls in the picture?

Beach volley? Wind volley!

A teambuilding in Mamaia, on a sunny but windy autumn weekend! No problem, however, for the volleyball fans in our team, whose motto in those days sounded like this: "What is lost in the accuracy of the strikes is gained to the amusement of the players and spectators!".

Hawaiian party

With every teambuilding we fully enter the role of people who feel good! Here, beyond the fancy glasses and Hawaiian clothes, are two members of the management team and one of the colleagues who… was not yet born in the year when our company was established. Can you guess who each of them is?

Poiana Brașov Teambuilding: a puzzle of entertainment and challenges!

Do you like large puzzles? Then you are one of us! Would you also like to be a part of a teambuilding experience in Poiana Brașov, by attending a City Quest through the city of Brașov, with tests - photographed as proof! - such as “take a stranger to dance” or “levitate in Piața Sfatului”? Join our team and we'll have great fun!

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