Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi

Implementation, maintenance, change requests
Stable and safe Wi-Fi
Telecom & IT joint experience
24/7 professional assistance

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With GTS Managed Wi-Fi, our experience in the field supports your in-house IT team for a stable and safe Wi-Fi connectivity.

We handle the implementation, maintenance and the change requests for the Wi-Fi dedicated equipment of your company.

Implementation means:

  • installing the solution and preparing the related technical documentation
  • technical assistance available 24/day, 7 days/week for you to test the solution implemented.

Maintenance is for maintaining the solution functional and the related support:

  • regular updates and upgrades to ensure the service security and stability
  • 24/7 client support

By means of the Change request the solution implemented may be modified, in case of need:

  •  we examine the request
  •  we inform you on the estimate duration of the operation and take action with your consent only
  •  our experts give advice on the available options, based on our long-term experience in equipment configuration
  •  you receive the documentation for the solution, including the changes made.


  • Top professionals

    You will work withs certified professionals (including the CCIE level), experienced in both telecommunications and IT.

  • 24/7 professional assistance

    You can have ongoing and full assistance in the Network Operations Center (NOC).

  • Proper Solutions

    Everything that we do is based on your company’s specific needs and working methods.

  • Scalability

    The GTS Managed Wi-Fi can respond precisely and quickly to the increase of users’ number or network capacity needs.


With the GTS Managed Wi-Fi, your Wi-Fi network is designed, installed and managed to be stable and safe.

Separate Networks: employees - visitors

The visitors at your premises may safely connect to the Wi-Fi without having access to the IT resources and systems reserved for employees.

Stability and security compliant with the standards

The company’s Wi-Fi networks are compliant with the regulations specific to your business.

Comfort for users

Quick access to a stable Wi-Fi network means that the employees may focus better on their activity and the visiting partners can see that you take any matter seriously.

Efficient use of the IT budget

Due to the experience of our professionals, our solutions are based on the latest updates and are also cost-optimized.




Are your company premises (shops, HoReCa, fitness facilities) visited by a large number of customers expecting free Wi-Fi?



A captive portal can be set up with the GTS Managed Wi-Fi. Customers have free Wi-Fi and the system then returns statistics and information concerning their conduct, which is useful for the marketing department.



Based on the information thus collected, you can create campaigns combining online promotion and local actions: customized offers, loyalty programs etc.


“GTS is one of Gothaer’s longest-standing partners and an excellent provider of telecommunication services. The technological solutions offered by GTS provide us with a stable communication flow, in secure environment, which contributes to increasing the efficiency of our daily operations.”



In the beginning, Wi-Fi connectivity meant "wiring" for employees, which then brought the pleasant feeling of freedom to work on a laptop from another office, a meeting room, a balcony or from the company's cafeteria.

The ubiquity of mobile terminals (for personal or business use) in recent years means that every visitor you receive at the company's headquarters or in the locations where you operate expects simple and free access to a quality Wi-Fi connection.

The way your Wi-Fi network is designed, installed and managed is essential for the comfort of both categories of users. Employees can focus on business activities and visitors - who are often even your customers – are given, through this important detail, the impression of a serious company.

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