Security Audit Solutions

Security Audit Solutions

Vulnerability tests
Known attacks simulations
Reports and recommendations
Implementation tracking and retesting

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Designed to help you have an easier and more profitable relationship with technology, GTS Security Audit Solutions provides you with a team of security experts who test:

- the risk of IT infrastructure penetration for your company
- the security of web applications and mobile applications you use
- IT infrastructure security.

All components of GTS Security Audit Solutions target possible security threats before they turn into real attacks.

Our experts identify potential risks and vulnerabilities through which an evil-minded user may disclose information or gain unauthorized access. The existing active security measures are then evaluated, and based on all analyzed information, GTS engineers are able to make recommendations for necessary actions to remove certain risks.

GTS Security Audit Solutions also includes security and compliance consulting services with regulations such as NIS, GDPR, PCIDSS, ISO27001 etc.


  • Full assessment

    We analyze all relevant components, at the level of systems, network and applications.

  • 100% secure

    When performing security tests, the security and continuity of your business are not compromised.

  • Experienced experts

    Operations are carried out by highly qualified, specialized personnel with adequate experience in the field of cyber security.

  • Conclusions

    Following the tests, you receive a report describing the solutions to your security problems and the recommendations of GTS experts.


With GTS Security Audit Solutions, your company is better prepared to defend itself against cyber-attacks, thus avoiding potential financial losses and reputation damages.

Dual testing

Our testing procedures predict the penetration risks from both outside and inside the system.

Complete and complex

We test the risks of penetration for infrastructure, web applications, mobile devices with Android or iOS, wireless networks.

High class technologies

We use specialized programs to detect vulnerabilities: IBM Internet Scanner, Shadow Security Scanner, Nessus, Nexpose, etc.

We play the “bad guys” part

In tests, we also use applications developed and used by most attackers to "read" the public information of the systems.

Multiple scenarios

Experience and in-depth understanding of the field help us design a wide range of vulnerability simulations.

Precise and actual results

After the tests you will be able to find out what can be compromised, the method by which the compromise is possible and the degree of possible damage.




With the growing importance of data for business and society, cyber-attacks have become more and more sophisticated.

Attackers may target compromising, viewing, copying, transmitting or using sensitive or protected data: financial information, personal data, identification data or health information, trade secrets or customer databases.



The sooner you turn to GTS Security Audit Solutions, the better. Our experts are testing both the communication channels and the system components, discovering and analyzing the weaknesses. We are following both directions of a possible attack: from outside the information system and from inside it.




The audit concludes with an evaluation report that includes recommendations to mitigate existing risks. Our experts can then monitor the implementation of measures and test the system again.

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“The technical expertise and professionalism shown by GTS Telecom specialists, together with the quality of provided services, establish the basis of a long-term collaboration. We are happy to recommend GTS Telecom services to all those who are looking for quality solutions, but also for a reliable partner.”


You may benefit from GTS Security Audit Solutions in 2 options:

Unique audit. Based on the analysis report and the recommendations made by our experts, your team implements the necessary changes. In the end, our specialists retest all the systems.

Long-term service, in which we perform periodic tests.

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