GTS Fire detection and alarm

GTS Fire detection and alarm

Part of the integrated GTS security systems
Turnkey delivery
Compliance with legal regulations
Compliance with legal regulations

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As part of our range of integrated physical security systems, GTS Fire Detection and Alarm helps you reduce the risk of fire and limit its effects if one still happens.

For fire signaling, GTS Fire Detection and Alarm is based on the early detection of preceding phenomena or of their characteristics. Depending on the chosen technology, the following can be detected:
- abnormal increase in the temperature

- the appearance of smoke or carbon monoxide
- flames.

Our specialists deliver a complete service:

  • we design the solution and prepare the related documentation (technical memoriam, equipment location drawings and cable routes, the interconnection block plan for the equipment)
  • we identify passive and active equipment (controller, detectors)
  • we install the cables, install and configure the equipment
  • we test the system, put it into operation and train the employees who will work with it
  • we hand over the work to you, together with the As-built documentation
  • we perform maintenance.


  • Specialized Technology

    Dangerous situations for employees or company assets are prevented with the help of systems and components that use state-of-the-art technology.

  • Legal requirements conformity

    By using the GTS Fire Detection and Alarm system, your company has to comply with the legal requirements regarding fire protection, that are mandatory for owners and users of buildings.

  • Integrated services

    You can also add to the fire protection the other components of our integrated physical security services: video surveillance, burglary detection, access control, power supply and structured cabling.

  • Our experts are doing everything

    From the project stage to the training of your employees, our teams deliver you the turnkey system!


GTS Fire detection and alarm means solid and reliable solutions against an extremely serious risk for business, but especially for the lives of employees and people who visit your company.

Safety means reliability

Installing a fire protection system shows your employees and partners that you are a serious company.

Investment protection

Fires can cause material damage that may be difficult to recover. The development and even the existence of the company depend on the use of a professional detection and alarm system.

Prompt detection

GTS Burglar Fire Detection and Alarm monitors and detects:
- smoke (by optical analysis or by ionization chamber)
- temperature rise beyond a certain value or faster than the preset speed
- the appearance of carbon monoxide
- the appearance of flames (by analysis in the ultraviolet spectrum or in the infrared spectrum).

Business continuity

GTS Fire detection and alarm reduces the risk of fire caused activity interruptions.




Your company is working to develop an innovative concept: a product that will revolutionize an important field. In order for the idea to remain secret and safe until the moment you start the series production, you need to protect the space in which your team works and your prototype as effectively as possible.



GTS Fire Detection and Alarm assures you that your team's idea and work are not exposed to hazards or actions of malicious people.



You can focus on completing the new product in good conditions and launching it on time to create a major advantage over your competitors.

Regina Maria

“It is important for us to use the most modern technologies in order to respect the promises made to our patients. The technological advance regarding infrastructure area ensures the connectivity needed for a top national medical network. 

 We have a long-term partnership with GTS Telecom, of over 10 years, during which time they have always lived up to our expectations, acted in a professional way and have met our varied needs (expansion, capacity, quality) with innovative and fast solutions. We have a common goal and that is to provide the best quality services to our customers.”


In your case, as in any headquarters or premises of a company, there are potential sources of fire. Electrical installations, heating, kitchen and cleaning equipment, electrically operated equipment or equipment using heat or fire, machinery, motor vehicles, etc.

Professional fire protection measures can make the difference between a company that grows continuously, according to existing plans, and one that recovers hard - or not at all - after such events.

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