Audio Meeting

Audio Meeting

Simple solution for teleconferencing
High reliability & digital quality
Scalable up to hundreds of participants
24/7 specialized support

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GTS Audio Meeting is the simple and convenient way of conducting teleconferences that bring together your company's employees or business partners, wherever they are in the world.

Due to the stability, reliability and digital quality of communication, GTS Audio Meeting is suitable for companies of all sizes and activating in all fields. The service can be adapted for specific activities (courses, internal or management meetings), and discussions can be recorded.

GTS Audio Meeting can be accessed 24/7, from anywhere in the world. No reservation is required; each participant only needs to dial the access number and then the code to get in contact with other people by phone.


  • Any network, any type of phone

    Participants can enter the conference from anywhere in the world, using any type of phone (analog, digital or mobile). The service is compatible with all fixed and mobile networks.

  • High quality standards

    The high technical standards of GTS Audio Meeting ensure quality and uninterrupted services.

  • Scalability

    GTS Audio Meeting can support teleconferencing with hundreds of participants.

  • No reservation

    Teleconferencing can be set up at any time upon request.


Designed to help you have an easier and more profitable relationship with technology, GTS Audio Meeting helps your team communicate effectively through the most natural way of remotely connecting with a group of people: teleconferencing.

24/7 specialized support

You can always receive full and proactive support from the Network Operations Center (NOC).

Assured confidentiality

To ensure the confidentiality of your calls, GTS Audio Meeting automatically generates secure access codes transmitted only to the conference administrator. The administrator can change the access code, if necessary, by a simple phone call.

Quality and commodity

Teleconferences initiated at any time. Superior voice quality.

More efficient communication

All the participants in a teleconference receive the same message at the same time and can express their opinion on the spot, which facilitates the team's efficiency and decision-making.

When is GTS Audio Meeting needed?



The dynamic world in which your company operates has no holidays. Was there something urgent for which your team needed to talk to you, but you were on a vacation in a place where internet access was unsafe?



Wherever you are in the world, you can get in direct contact with your colleagues or business partners using any phone you have at your disposal. Through GTS Audio Meeting, teleconferencing is easy to initiate, and communication is clear.



In just a few minutes, you can be present in any discussion that interests you, from the hotel, from the beach or from the road. Compared to an email sent to a group of people, for example, which needs a reply from each team member (and then a reply to reply...), with a GTS Audio Meeting conference call things are clear to everyone in a much shorter time.


“Looking back on ten years of collaboration with GTS Telecom, we can say that we confidently and openly recommend this company for the quality of the telecommunication services, the professionalism and dedication of the account managers we worked with during this period, and the speed with which our requests and needs have always been addressed, both in terms of sales and from a technical point of view.”



In whatever field you are activating and whatever the size of your company is, you can use GTS Audio Meeting for:

  • discussions between employees or with business partners in different locations
  • courses for employees in different locations
  • use audio features to give presentations to groups of participants
  • more effective interaction with global teams
  • weekly or monthly regional or global management meetings
  • meetings of the administration committee, with the participation of members from different regions.

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Audio Meeting

Audio Meeting

GTS Audio Meeting is the simple and convenient way of conducting teleconferences that bring together your company's employees or business partners, wherever they are in the world.

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