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Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are one of the most serious threats your company can face. The severity and frequency of these attacks often exceed the possibilities of traditional protection methods.

Designed to help you have an easier and more profitable relationship with technology, GTS Anti-DDoS is an effective, convenient and accessible solution.

With GTS Anti-DDoS you benefit from detection mechanisms for rapid identification and classification, efficient filtering systems and multiple levels of security, but also adequate and modern response procedures.

Your company benefits from non-stop protection, and the negative effects of any attacks are reduced by actively monitoring and executing a set of technical and procedural countermeasures for rapid mitigation.


  • 24/7 Protection and support

    You have permanent access to our team of experienced specialists.

  • Real-time detection of different types of attacks

  • Predictable costs

    No charge per attack or for increased malware traffic.

  • Traffic is not affected

    We only block attack traffic, allowing legitimate traffic to run normally.


GTS Anti-DDoS is a fast and complete protection solution. Monitoring is permanent, and measures to respond to occurring attacks are taken in less than 15 minutes!

Simple for you

No sophisticated routing changes, no software or hardware necessary to be installed by your company.

Complete and instant

Our mechanisms are always ready to react: each data package is verified and over 99% of attacks are identified and filtered.

You always know where you are

You have access to the online portal dedicated to reports. Authorized people from your team receive e-mail, text or phone notifications.

Decision is yours

You are always consulted by our specialists before they take action.

Active monitoring

Incoming traffic is monitored and analyzed online, so we detect any anomalies and illegitimate signatures, traffic profiles and recent fingerprints.


You benefit from a personalized protection plan, supported by advanced traffic cleaning technologies and operational procedures for filtering malware traffic established by our experts in the field.




The success of a DDoS attack can, unfortunately, mean making essential components of your business unavailable: an e-commerce site, an e-banking system, a payment server or a critical extranet application. The danger is permanent, so the sooner you turn to GTS Anti-DDoS, the higher are your chances of such an attack finding you properly protected.



The GTS Anti-DDoS service has 3 components:

1. Getting a personalized protection plan set by our specialists, in collaboration with you and your technical team.
2. Non-stop monitoring and continuous analysis of normal traffic flow.
3. DDoS Mitigation. When a threat is detected, the system sends text and e-mail alerts to the relevant people in your company. Our experts verify and classify the event. The mitigation procedure begins, by redirecting the incoming traffic to the GTS Cleaning Center in less than a second!



The GTS Anti-DDoS service ensures your business continuity and does not allow DDoS attacks to affect your profitability, reputation or customer trust.

Regina Maria

“It is important for us to use the most modern technologies in order to support the promises made to our patients. The technological advance regarding infrastructure area ensures the necessary connectivity for a top national medical network. 

We have a long-term partnership with GTS Telecom, over 10 years, during which time they have always lived up to our expectations, have acted in a professional way and have met our varied needs (expansion, capacity, quality) with innovative and fast solutions. We have a common goal in providing the best quality services to our customers.”



All business types are exposed to DDoS attacks, and each domain has several components that are sensitive to these risks and need GTS Anti-DDoS protection.

Finance and insurance: online customer accounts and trading platforms (which must comply with the recommendations given by the supervisory authorities).

Media and entertainment: media and content distribution sites, game servers and betting portals.

Retail and transport: critical e-commerce sites.

Internet & technology companies: internet portals and cloud platforms.

Tourism: online booking systems.

Public authorities: maintaining the availability of public sites.

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