GTS Connectivity Services

GTS Connectivity Services

Does your company need internet access and data and voice communications through secure and robust solutions? You came to the right place: in 1993 we were the first commercial ISP in Romania, and today we can offer you integrated connectivity services with state-of-the-art technologies.

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Your team must operate at the same pace and parameters, whether you are all in the same premises or working from different cities. In order for this to happen you need data and voice connections that provide you with speed, stability and data security.

Our solution for a company that has a head office and two other secondary locations?
GTS Internet Access + GTS VPN MPLS!

A GTS Internet Access connection for your head office brings you safety, reliability, unshared symmetric band, and speeds between 1 Mbps and 100 Gbps. And the two secondary offices are connected to the main office via GTS VPN MPLS. Thus, the entire team's internet access, data and voice communications are provided via a secure and private wide area network (WAN).

Does this hypothetical case match your company's situation? Or do you have other challenges and do not know exactly what to ask for? It all starts with a sign from you: you can click on the buttons above: REQUEST OFFER and WE CALL YOU!

Then, a discussion with one of our experts will follow. During this discussion, the expert will create the optimal solution for your company's needs and plans - based on the details from you or your IT specialists.


  • Integrated services

    We cover all of your company's connectivity needs with modern, scalable solutions that can be combined with each other.

  • Specialists in Internet Access since 1993

    We are good in this field not only because we were the first, but because today we are still animated by the same desire for learning as on the first day.

  • Safe and robust network

    Your company's data and communications are safe.

Conectivity Solutions

GTS Internet

GTS Internet

GTS Internet Access is the solution, based on quality and experience, for connecting your company to the internet.

GTS IP Transit

GTS IP Transit

Is your company an internet service provider, content or application provider, or a telecommunications operator?



GTS Ethernet Line provides connectivity and data transfers between your company's offices at a metropolitan, regional or international level.



GTS VPN MPLS is the data communication service between local area networks (LAN) and other computer systems used by your company, through a secure and private wide area network (WAN).


Each of the GTS services brings you specific benefits, arising from the quality of technologies used and in-depth experience of our team. Whatever solution we create for your company, you rely on the same fundamental elements: the ones below.

24/7 specialized support

You have ongoing full and proactive support in the Network Operations Center (NOC) for all of our connectivity services, and beyond.

First class quality guaranteed

Performance parameters of our connectivity services are guaranteed through SLA.

National and regional coverage

We own and operate metropolitan radio and optical fiber networks not only in Romania, but also in the main central European countries.

Connectivity, business tool

Our goal is to help your business grow through the GTS solutions we offer. That is why we are constantly working on every innovation in the technologies we work with and every new thing we learn about your field and ours.

Regina Maria

”It is important for us to use the latest technologies in order to respect the promises made to our patients. The technological advance in the infrastructure area provides us with the connectivity we need for a top-notch national medical network.

We have a long-term partnership with GTS Telecom, of over 10 years, during which time they have always lived up to our expectations, acted in a professional way and met our varied needs (expansion, capacity, quality) with innovative and fast solutions. We have a common goal and that is to provide the best quality service to our customers.”


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