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GTS Multi-Cloud is an architecture that brings together several sorts of clouds (private, public, hybrid) to accommodate the needs and purposes of various departments or diverse types of activities that happen in your organisation.

Created to help you use technology in a simpler and more cost-effective way, GTS Multi-Cloud places right at your fingertips several virtualisation platforms that are designed to match your specific requirements, in compliance with the best practices available in the field.

GTS Multi-Cloud is the right choice for your company if:

  • your processing needs are diverse and vary from one month to the other;
  • security, compliance or business model regulations involve a direct control over the business environment;
  • you want to have access to resources everywhere around the world.

You can combine GTS Virtual Hosting Environment (our public cloud) with GTS Private Cloud and Microsoft Azure to create a hybrid Multi-Cloud enabling you to organise optimally whenever you need more processing power.

As a GTS customer, you can choose to buy:

  • the full package (our specialist run the configuration and maintenance services);
  • the option to configure the machines yourselves.


  • Free choices

    You can select any of the most important international cloud suppliers.

  • Safe

    The certified GTS platforms give you full control and security.

  • Well-sized infrastructure

    GTS Multi-Cloud has the capacity to cope with high processing power spikes or storage needs.

  • Specialised support 24/7

    Because the resources are dedicated and exclusive, their use is optimized, so you can rely on better performance.


GTS Multi-Cloud is the ideal solution if you do not wish to use on-premise options for security reasons, or if you want to comply with industry norms or in-house company protocols.

Advanced and efficient security

With GTS Multi-Cloud you have both higher security, but also optimised resources.

Instant resizing

Flexibility is one of the main features of GTS Multi-Cloud so it can immediately recalibrate its resources according to the needs.

Bespoke services

You can choose an additional service package upon request or for assistance purposes.

Simple connection

You can connect to the GTS Multi-Cloud via internet or through a private network.



Status quo

Companies of all sizes from ever more industries rely on significant data volumes. And most of this data are confidential, they are protected by strict regulations or are associated to business-critical applications. Their safety and efficient usage go hand in hand.


The solution

The GTS Multi-Cloud architecture is the answer when your company needs a better infrastructure, applications and services and when you want to be able to combine several cloud options by criteria such as capacity, performance and cost.


The outcome

GTS Multi-Cloud is the most modern option: you enjoy maximum flexibility when you make decisions about it or use it, you enjoy maximum security and permanent technical support and also autonomy, because we work with leading international cloud suppliers.


“GTS has been one of Gothaer’s long-standing partners and an excellent supplier of telecom services. GTS’s technical solutions give us a stable flow of communication in a secure environment which helps us run our daily operations efficiently.”


When you chose GTS Multi Cloud you can go for two types of services.

Hosted: Our specialists configure the network, administrate and maintain the hardware and software to keep them updated. So, your company will have its own IT team.

Administered: This is a hosted environment where our specialists take care of every aspect of the cloud services. This is a good choice if you do not have any employees to take care of the cloud.

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Virtual Hosting Environment

Virtual Hosting Environment

GTS Virtual Hosting Environment is our public Cloud service. A customized solution that gives you enterprise-class computing resources, network equipment and storage, colocated in state-of-the-art data centers, built and operated according to the Tier III standard.



GTS Colocation is the service that we designed specifically so that you have the peace of mind that your company’s essential infrastructure is secure in the GTS data centers.



GTS VPN MPLS is the data communication service between local area networks (LAN) and other computer systems used by your company, through a secure and private wide area network (WAN).

Firewall as a Service

Firewall as a Service

GTS Firewall as a Service is a complete security solution, of the Next-Generation Firewall type which covers functionalities such as IPS, anti-virus, encrypted traffic analysis, antispam, etc. 

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