Virtual Hosting Environment

Virtual Hosting Environment

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GTS Virtual Hosting Environment is our public Cloud service. A customized solution that gives you enterprise-class computing resources, network equipment and storage, colocated in state-of-the-art data centers, built and operated according to the Tier III standard.

Like all our services, GTS Virtual Hosting Environment is created to help you have a simpler and more profitable relationship with technology:

  • you no longer depend on a physical IT infrastructure
  • you and your colleagues have full control over your own virtual data center
  • the configuration, administration and updates of the platform equipment are handled by our specialists.

With GTS Virtual Hosting Environment you can choose between:

  • Fixed option: you pay the same monthly price for using a predefined amount of resources (for example: 10 GHz, 20 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD). Perfect for permanent production environments.
  • Dynamic version: in addition to what the fixed version includes, you have access to additional resources that you need specifically, and you pay for those depending on when and how much you use them. Ideal for areas of activity that have seasonal traffic growth (promotions, ticket sales, seasonal products and services).

In addition, as your business grows, your processing power, RAM, and storage space can be quickly and easily adapted to new requirements.


  • Top equipment and networking

    Cisco UCS servers, Cisco ASR and Nexus equipment, NetApp storage, VMware virtualization and OpenStack

  • Flexible and fast allocation

    vCPU in 1 GHz drives, RAM in 1 GB drives, storage in 50 GB drives, on different levels of performance: SSD, SAS or SATA.

  • Simple graphical interface

    You use an intuitive graphical interface, with the help of which you or your team can allocate resources depending on your needs.

  • Automated routine maintenance

    You can forget about the stress caused by infrastructure problems.


Of all the virtual hosting services, only GTS Virtual Hosting Environment brings you the experience gained over the years by our specialists and their attention to every detail on which your success in using the virtual environment depends.

You have more control

GTS Virtual Hosting Environment makes it easy for you to control your company’s IT, financial and staff resources.

Safety you can count on

We use multiple and varied solutions to ensure the safety and protection of critical business operations: data centers permanently protected and monitored, data backup, security specialists, redundant infrastructure.

Customizable service package

You can always opt for a wide range of additional services: Backup, Disaster Recovery, Storage, Firewall or maintenance of operating systems and applications.

You only pay for what you use up

No hidden or additional costs. No permanent investments in state-of-the-art technology, human resources or resources of another kind, or maintenance costs.

You no longer depend on physical infrastructure

You can forget about excessive energy consumption, equipment cooling, availability and backup! We take care of that!

You keep up with the evolution of IT solutions

Our specialists take care that the equipment and software used are always up to date, so that you always receive everything that is new and better in our field.



The situation

Your company’s goal is to grow. You need a scalable environment, computing power and storage that grow alongside with the business, but you do not want to spend capital.


The solution

With GTS Virtual Hosting Environment, the development of the company no longer depends on the budget and time invested in the configuration and operation of the physical infrastructure.


The outcome

You have complete freedom in managing your own virtual data center; you can create machines (VMs), machine groups (vApps) and various networks, to serve the different business areas in your company.

Regina Maria

“It is important for us to use the most modern technologies in order to deliver on the promise in relation to our patients. And the technological advance in the infrastructure area ensures the necessary connectivity for a top national medical network.

We have a long-term partnership with GTS Telecom, for over 10 years, during which time they have always lived up to our expectations, acted in a professional manner and have fulfilled our various needs (expansion, capacity, quality) with innovative and rapid solutions. We have a common goal in providing top quality services to our customers.”



GTS Virtual Hosting Environment is elaborated to the smallest detail for each client.

Our specialists are experienced in virtual environments created to meet both your immediate needs, as well as the needs you could not foresee.

GTS Virtual Hosting Environment provides a highly scalable computing environment for each business application type, such as:

  • Hosting CRM, ERP, etc. solutions.
  • Creating an on-demand environment, which gives developers flexibility
  • Flexible training environment, for short-term use during class hours
  • Seasonally growing traffic applications (such as e-commerce applications, travel agencies portals)
  • Hosting large volumes of data for subsequent distribution

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