Virtual Hosting Environment (VHE)

Virtual Hosting Environment (VHE)

GTS Virtual Hosting Environment (VHE) is the equivalent of a private Data Center composed of a number of resources (computing unit + memory + storage + additional services) that makes available tens of hundreds of key resources to create a powerful architecture suited to current demand with the flexibility to change as business grows.

GTS Virtual Hosting Environment (VHE) provides a highly scalable computing environment for all business applications to support the execution of IT strategy in the most eff­icient and cost-e­ffective way. The principle idea is to build a scalable server environment from small components that enable platform sizing suited perfectly to business needs avoiding fixed and inflexible server units. Moreover, the management of GTS VHE server infrastructure, operating systems, databases and applications is in the hands of GTS’s certified professionals. Thus relieved of the responsibility for server, security and IT infrastructure management, the customer is free to go one step further and better focus on key company competencies.

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Virtual Hosting Environment (VHE)

GTS Virtual Hosting Environment is our public Cloud service. A customized solution that gives you enterprise-class computing resources, network equipment and storage, colocated in state-of-the-art data centers, built and operated according to the Tier III standard.


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