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Maximize uptime, increase productivity

Colocation services provided by GTS offer a secure, solid and professional next generation data center, with a high density capacity for a limited number of racks .
In 2015, GTS Telecom expanded the Bucharest Data Center by 60% in the Bucharest and equipped it with the latest technology in order to secure the availability of its collocation services. The investment further ensures the quality standards provided to customers: 100% operational availability of the colocation environment  and exceptional response times for customer requests .
In 2016, in view of an increasing demand for data center, cloud (virtualization), disaster recovery and business continuity services, GTS Telecom continued to invest in its data centers through a new Data Center in Cluj -Napoca .


  • Free up time previously allotted to administrating your own data room
  • Obtain the highest level of data security and operational reliability
  • You can build, together with GTS experts, disaster recovery solutions using our and DT GTS’s data center network.
  • Easy access to scalable data and Internet services, using our network
  • Full and proactive 24/7 (09 - 18 and on call 18 - 09 for Cluj-Napoca Data Center) assistance in managing the data center


Overview Applications Specification Service Coverage
GTS Colocation services are designed to safeguard your business-critical infrastructure running in one of our data centers. These services provide you with a secure and professional environment for the installation of IT infrastructure.

We offer a wide array of data center services:
  • Colocation: rack space for one or more rack units (RU-s)
  • Data or telecom racks (19” rack)
  • Cage availability for enhanced security requirements
  • Private spaces availability for larger storage environments
  • All power variation feeds are available
  • Data Center cabling

Value-added services:
  • Data and Internet Network connectivity
  • On demand, private CCTV
  • Remote hands
  • Performance reporting
  • Managing back-up tapes

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