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Designed to help you have an easier and more profitable relationship with technology, GTS Backup as a Service ensures the protection and permanent availability of your company's critical data.

Disk-to-disk backup and recovery systems are automatic.  Possible errors are thus eliminated, and the time to restore files is reduced to just a few minutes (compared to the time in hours you get with classic backup systems).

GTS Backup as a Service has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to perform backup, restore and archive for any type of operating system, databases or applications.

The backup is done in one of the 2 GTS data centers, no matter if the data source is at your headquarters or collocated.

GTS offers a full range of backup and recovery plans.


  • Disk-to-Disk backup

    For faster backup and restore.

  • Maximum availability

    Backup availability is 99.99%.

  • Recognized quality

    Ahsay backup software. NetApp hardware infrastructure.

  • Client interface

    Ahsay backup software. NetApp hardware infrastructure.


As your company works with more data stored in different locations, it is increasingly important for it to be safe and permanently accessible. GTS Backup as a Service is the solution we’ve created to meet this business need.

Full support

Complete and proactive NON-STOP support in the GTS Network Operations Center.

Contribution to cost optimization

The pressure on your IT budget is reduced so you can reallocate funds to value-added activities.

Two managing options

Your internal IT team or our specialists can handle GTS Backup as a Service.

Flexible backup policies

Starting from your specific needs, we can create dedicated backup policies, which can become active in just a few minutes.

Full or file restoration

With GTS Backup as a Service, backup and restoration can be done entirely (physical or virtual server), at the database or even individual file level.

Predictable and flexible costs

You pay a monthly fee according to your current needs.




Business travel is essential for the growth of your company. Remote work is also being used more and more. This means that the devices you work with are less and less present at the headquarters, additionally being subject to risks: loss, theft or damage.



With GTS Backup as a Service, the integrity and availability of your data no longer depends on the employee's presence at the office, which is required for traditional backup systems. Also, the data is safe even when the computer they were originally on can no longer be used.



GTS Backup as a Service brings you a critical advantage for business: only a company that does not risk data loss is a truly competitive company!

Fan Courier

“Looking back on ten years of collaboration with GTS Telecom, we can say that we confidently and openly recommend this company for the quality of telecommunication services, the professionalism and dedication of account managers we worked with during this period, and the speed with which our requests and needs have always been addressed, both in terms of sales and from the technical point of view.”



There is no business area in which the data dependence of companies does not increase rapidly, from year to year. The need to know that data is secure and can be accessed at any time has become a strategic goal not only for the IT department, but also for company management.

Such an example are customers who use Software-as-a-Service and whose suppliers do not guarantee a complete or fast restoration of lost data. The data of those companies is constantly exposed to errors, accidents or attacks.

The security of data and ease of the people responsible for it can be restored through a pairing Software-as-a-Service with GTS Backup as a Service. Daily backups of critical data and applications ensure their long-term security and archiving, in accordance with applicable regulations.

GTS Backup as a Service uses an agent installed on the workstation or server (physical or virtual) which is being backed up according to the settings: directories, email accounts or databases. During installation, the agent creates a first backup, and then, based on a program configured by the client, it will send the modified or added data on a daily basis, at a certain time, to one of the storage platforms.


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