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BPM Systems Hosting


Outsourcing, Energy & Resources, Manufacturing

Business Problem:

Provide computing resources to host
central BPM Systems

Business Solution:

Rapid implementation, high availability,
immediate response to growing data volume


Virtual Hosting, Backup, VPN


“Virtualization means quick system installation, no procurement issues or hardware delays; the perfect solution for innovative and fast delivery projects,” GTS IT Director


Administering business process management (BPM) applications is at the heart of every company. Usually, BPM is dedicated to supporting enterprise-wide management (HR, finance, procurement, project management, product management) processes, which require workflows, approval processes and document management. BPM systems must evolve as the organization evolves. This process results in growing demand for:
  • computing power – as the enterprise automates more and more processes
  • capacity for data storage
  • secure and solid backup solution to maintain long term business continuity
  • improvements in the user experience

Business Challenges

As the enterprise automates more and more processes, it will sooner or later face performance and data durability problems. Capacity and configuration planning along with data growth management will soon become standard requirements in future storage systems and essential to enable resource optimization. The traditional approach usually involves inefficient, dedicated and expensive high performance server architecture, which is oversized to deal with future growth. Unpredictable business growth can suddenly consume all computing resources and with an inflexible architecture, companies are forced to pay significant capex to build back up their safeguard measures.


  • Improved delivery time of new software releases
  • Ensured high availability of BPM systems
  • Proven performance in regional companies
  • Capacity for rapid growth
  • Flexibility to scale economically
  • Fast adaptation to growing data volumes
  • Unmatched service level guaranteed



The GTS solution frees up the IT manager from capacity planning and complex purchasing processes. The outsourced virtual data center guarantees not only long-term solution durability but also access to an infinite resource pool.

As IT manager you will not have to deal with hardware maintenance or failures. Your virtual machine will never become obsolete; GTS will always maintain and continuously update your virtual data center.

The GTS approach will:

  • strengthen your business with an effective computing solution
  • reduce your expenditures on IT infrastructure management and procurement
  • apply cutting edge data center and computing technologies – to ensure round-the-clock performance and 100 % uptime of your business

GTS data center infrastructure meets the highest industry standards with storage equipment provided by the leading suppliers (Cisco, Dell, HP, NetApp and CommVault) and the virtualization layer supported by the global market leader, VMWare. Each GTS virtual machine is delivered with a robust, enterpriseclass computing platform located at one of GTS's professional data centers.

Access to a management console with GTS professional services and resources to ensure performance monitoring and fast upgrades.

GTS Products allow you to select, allocate and move computing resources when and where they are needed according to demand.

Virtual Hosting – maximum scalability and flexibility; pay only for what you really need.
Backup – specifically designed to ensure that customers can securely access their business data no matter where the source data is located.
VPN – allow the creation of high availability, robust data network connectivity between all company branches.

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