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A highly educated multilingual workforce and labor rates lower than those of Western Europe have made the CEE region the leading outsourcing destination in Europe. Contracting business process outsourcing (BPO), shared services centers (SSC), and contact centers are common practices in the 21st century economy. Organizations outsource specific responsibilities offshore or to third parties in order to access specialized competences, increase productivity, or lower operational costs. 
The entire outsourcing industry faces many challenges, from compliance with security requirements for collecting, storing, and managing sensitive data, through deployment of cost-efficient long-term document storage, to rapid adaptation to market dynamism. In order to gain all the benefits of the outsourcing economy, companies must maintain connections with business partners through IT and communication technologies. The technologies that support key customer relation management (CRM), document management system (DMS), business process management (BPM), or call center (CC) technologies must be efficient, flexible and secure.
GTS has host of ICT solutions that make it easier for you to increase productivity and reinforce more gains of the outsourcing business.


  • Easier to meet security requirements for processing sensitive data
  • Effective management of sensitive documents
  • Strengthen competitive advantages
  • Improve position for growth
  • Quickly and easily adapt to satisfy business partner demand
  • Out-of-the-shell capacity for rapid growth
  • Reduce capital expenditures for non-core operations
  • Focus on core business operations and competences
  • Tangible savings on operational expenditures
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  • Quickly and efficiently connect geographically distributed branches and partners
  • Enhance effectiveness of documentation processing
  • Obtain flexibility to scale IT resources economically and meet growing demand
  • Host vast volumes of digitized documents
  • Meet security requirements for processing sensitive data
  • Increase service uptime and strengthen business continuity plans
  • Simplify multichannel collaboration with business partners and clients
  • Improve scalability through better utilization of key resources
  • Seamless integrate with business partner processes 
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