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Enable grid operations

Due to a complex set of factors, profound changes are taking place in the energy and resources industry. Market deregulation, increasing competition, and national and EU requirements have placed IT and communication technologies in an increasingly vital role in the operations of all energy, utilities, and metered services providers. To increase grid efficiency, service quality, optimal use of distributed and renewable generation, companies will have to turn petabytes of data into actionable information. An extensive array of technological innovations that back up smart grids and smart meters increase insight into operational performance by offering limitless quantities of data. This massive data flow must be transferred, mined, stored, and safeguarded to enable better control and efficiency.
The GTS approach focuses on leveraging the power of cloud and hi-tech solutions in order to maximize the accuracy of business decisions. Our portfolio of telco and cloud solutions can help your business achieve flexible and secure high-performance ICT landscapes.


  • Improve asset utilization and operational excellence
  • Optimize production and maximize profits
  • Reduce cycle time and make intelligent business decisions with reliable datasets
  • Secure store and archive petabytes of customer and corporate information
  • Ensure uninterrupted business operations
  • Comprehensive network security
  • Easily adapt to changing regulatory requirements


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  • Achieve enhanced profitability through superior performance and disciplined cost control, powered by smart grid operational data
  • Integrate M2M and computing platforms to boost accuracy in demand forecasting, business planning, and risk management
  • Convert petabytes of data into executable information for intelligent business decision-making processes
  • Increase customer retention and satisfaction through improvement of customer experience
  • Ensure the security of sensitive customer and corporate information
  • Strengthen business continuity and disaster recovery strategies
  • Keep pace with the growing demand for big data storage and gain the flexibility to scale economically
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