Structured Cabling System


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Structured cabling represents a set of standards which determine the installation method for the cables integrated in data or voice networks from computer centers, offices or buildings. These standards determine the “star” formation cabling mode, where all sockets are connected to a central patch panel (usually mounted in a 19” rack), from where it is easy to determine the manner in which the connections will be used. Each socket can be connected (through the patch-panel) to a switch mounted in the same rack, thus obtaining the connection to a data port.


  • Minimizing the maintenance costs;
  • Simplified maintenance of the computers’ network;
  • Easy to add new users;
  • Changing the position of the computers doesn’t require auxiliary work;
  • Structured cabling is independent of the application and has a flexible and modular design;
  • Easy to reconfigure and administrate the data/voice network;
  • Using the same cable environment, cable channel for voice, data telephony, security systems and video surveillance systems transfer;
  • A structured cabling system offers an universal platform on which any informational system can be built.