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GTS Internet Access Burstable is the perfect alternative for businesses in need of a permanent high speed Internet connection, flexible on traffic peaks variation. Possibility of increasing the bandwidth inline with the real traffic represents a reliable, scalable and customizable solution, considering that the Reserved Bandwidth and also Top Limit are exclusively guaranteed to the Customer.


  • Flexibility and scalability of the Service by increasing the speed (bandwidth) and/or by implementing additional services to enhance the capabilities of the Service;
  • End-to-end management through complete management of the Service to the CPE connection interface on the Customer premises;
  • Service level agreement (SLA)
  • Fast interventions and a wide range of access technologies 
  • Professional Customer Care, 24 / 7 / 365
  • Fully secure data transmission in the shortest time anywhere in the world due to the partnerships concluded by GTS with global telecommunication operators.
Overview Applications Specification Service Coverage

Connectivity for GTS Internet Access Burstable is calculated on the base of 95th Percentile and has the following parameters:

  • The Customer declares what is the Internet bandwidth that he would like to have. This is the Reserved Bandwidth that is guaranteed to Customer and it is charged in advance with the fixed flat fee – price for Reserved Bandwidth (pRB).
  • However, if the Customer’s services connected with GTS Internet Access Burstable are willing to use more bandwidth (e.g. service which is normally visited by 5k visitors a day gets 50k users a day, because of the marketing activity) the service can use extra bandwidth above the guaranteed Reserved Bandwidth. A Top Limit of the bandwidth has to be declared and it represents the bandwidth limitation from the top which cannot be exceeded. The Top Limit can be maximum twice as Reserved Bandwidth.
  • The actually invoiced bandwidth is called the Total Bandwidth and is calculated based on 95th Percentile.