Why Multicloud?

 Why Multicloud?

We live in the digital age, where social media platforms, internet-connected devices and Cloud platforms are an integral part of our lives. We are generating more and more content, and the platforms we work with must keep up with the large data volume. Choosing the best Cloud platforms is a real challenge for many organizations. Whether it’s public, private or hybrid Cloud, they are all designed with special features and benefits to cover a wide range of business objectives.


What is Multicloud?

The notion of Cloud has been all in the air for a few years now, and adoption is growing considerably, from year to year. This accelerated demand has contributed to the emergence of Cloud computing, by which companies can store their own IT infrastructure in an external data center that provides access to physical or virtual resources, such as software or hardware, by an Internet connection. Multicloud is the strategy by which companies use multiple Cloud platforms - public, private or hybrid - managed by various vendors, depending on their business needs.

For companies running significant data volumes, whether we are talking about confidential information or critical operational applications, the Multicloud strategy allows an improvement of infrastructure, applications and services through the possibility of selecting Cloud service providers, adapted to the available capacity, performance and costs.


The main benefits of the Multicloud architecture


  1. Flexibility - the Multicloud approach offers the possibility to choose the applications that can be managed internally, by the own IT department, and those that require migration to one or more secure platforms, offered by one or more providers. The company’s critical data can be securely managed in a private Cloud, and the other data, less critical, in a public one. GTS Telecom provides companies with customized Cloud solutions that meet any business requirement, with a wide range of on-demand, scalable, secure and flexible resources in terms of processing, storage and networking power.


  1. Advanced security - Multicloud helps organizations ensure a strict security, while streamlining computing resources. Implementing a Multicloud solution reduces the risk of a DDoS cyber-attack that can lead to the disruption of critical applications supporting the operational activity. Even a single hour of business downtime could have a significant impact on the organization, so that, in such situations, technical support plays an important role, being an essential element in the package of services provided by the Multicloud external provider. The GTS Telecom team of specialists offers technical support for any request, being available any time of the day.


  1. Autonomy - One of the advantages of managing Multicloud environments is the independence offered by choosing multiple Cloud service providers, depending on the company’s storage needs. GTS Telecom works with the most important international Cloud providers, thus ensuring an optimized integration with any Multicloud approach selected by the company.

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