GTS offers the first-of-its-kind web-based Ethernet Performance Monitoring Services across CEE region

GTS offers the first-of-its-kind web-based Ethernet Performance Monitoring Services across CEE region

13.01.2011 | Warsaw | Press Releases

GTS Central Europe (GTS), a leading infrastructure-based telecommunications operator and provider of data center services in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), today unveiled its online Performance Monitoring Services for customers of GTS Ethernet Line. This value-added enhancement to the Ethernet portfolio provides web-based access to real-time Ethernet service performance information, allowing customers to easily observe measurements of network operations based on real-life data collected from network elements.

Up until now, the highest quality of GTS Ethernet services has been guaranteed by Service Level Agreements (SLA). Apart from the contractual guarantees reflected in the SLA, the new Performance Monitoring Service will allow customers to enjoy convenient access to network performance statistics via an online portal provided by BaseN. This innovative service is one of the first in the CEE region to monitor the network performance of the Ethernet Line services.

"Ethernet is becoming the platform of choice for the delivery of data services, and many companies need assurance that their network is performing as expected," said Ignacio Irurita, CTO for GTS Central Europe. "GTS offers a tool which gives customers the ability to observe network performance statistics, boosting confidence in their network and our Ethernet."

This new application collects data from GTS network equipment, all of which is constantly monitored, and presents the collected data in real time. Furthermore, easy access to information concerning every location is supported by a network map. With Performance Monitoring Services, GTS customers can see the same service statistics as the employees of the GTS Network Operation Center. This helps diagnose service issues, as both the customer and the service personnel can see the same reports.

The Performance Monitoring application provides access to several reports concerning the GTS Ethernet Line, including:

  • Network Site availability
  • Site-to-site line traffic and utilization
  • Service reports giving frame delay and losses.

GTS announced the roll out of its Ethernet services in June 2010. The GTS Ethernet product portfolio, delivered via a homogeneous GTS Ethernet platform across the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Romania currently embraces: GTS Ethernet Line, GTS Ethernet VPN and GTS Ethernet NNI - for Carrier Ethernet interconnection. The implementation and development of these services form part of a long-term strategy for GTS to become a leading provider of Ethernet services in Central and Eastern Europe.


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