GTS launches Cloud based Data Storage and Backup services

GTS launches Cloud based Data Storage and Backup services

06.03.2012 | Press Releases

GTS Central Europe (GTS), a leading infrastructure-based provider of telecommunications services in Central and Eastern Europe, has launched two new managed storage solutions for highly secured and reliable data maintenance and replication.

GTS Data Storage is a flexible and easy to use data storage solution for business applications running within GTS Hosting Services or in remote archives.

GTS Backup is a cross-platform data backup and recovery service, designed to secure and ensure the business continuity of data regardless of the location of the source data.

Both products reduce capital outlay and are available for customers throughout the Central and Eastern European region with guaranteed SLA and nonstop customer service. As a matter of course, they meet enterprise level security requirements and specific performance standards.

“Companies more often recognize nowadays that IT is not their core business. Our two new outsourcing solutions help them concentrate on their business without having to cope with design, purchasing, contracting and configuration,” said Marcin Kotlarski, Product Director at GTS. “GTS products help reduce stress in connection with the demands of an evolving business. With the use of our products, customers can adjust their orders according to current requirements and then increase them as business needs grows. “

The new Data Storage and Backup products complement the existing Server Hosting and Colocation offerings with a multi-performance, scalable data storage service and a secure/intuitive disk-to-disk backup service. Coherent part of the products is a set of comprehensive professional services always available on customers´ request.

GTS Data Storage represents a cost-effective equivalent to user-owned and operated storage solutions and offers real, flexibility, scalability and functionality.

GTS Backup ensures the simplest backup and restoration of customers’ data. The service is designed to secure and preserve the continuity of customers’ business data whether located at GTS Data Centers or in customers’ server rooms.

Key services benefits:

·        Flexible scalability from hundreds of Gigabytes to several Terabytes

·        Predictable costs – the service is available for a monthly fee adjusted according to the customer’s current needs

·        Tiered Storage with three storage performance levels for different needs

·        Reliable disk-to-disk backup – not affected by tape failures  

·        Restore data on-demand – no need to search through the whole tape, just use the customer portal or backup agent to restore data in real time

GTS Data Storage and Backup platforms are located within professional GTS data centers, equipped with industry-leading physical and data security systems (CCTV system, secure chip entry cards,  fire protection, 24/7 facility monitoring, lockable rooms, and many other means of physical security).

Find out more details about GTS Data Storage and GTS Backup.

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