GTS enhances server offerings with Virtual Hosting

GTS enhances server offerings with Virtual Hosting

14.06.2011 | Press Releases

Today, GTS Central Europe (GTS), the leading regional provider of integrated telecommunication solutions and data center services, launches a new virtual server solution product suite.

The new product group, called GTS Virtual Server Hosting, allows business customers to precisely and dynamically select, allocate and move computing resources when and where they are needed. It also provides a radical change in how computing and storage resources are implemented and purchased.

GTS Virtual Hosting is enterprise-class solution that provides flexible and high-performance computing environment. The product is based on the infrastructure as a service model (IaaS), which enables an organization to outsource the equipment and maintenance used to support business operations, including storage, hardware, servers and networking components.

The GTS Virtual Hosting offering allows customers to purchase computing units that fit to current customer needs and can easily scale for future requirements - avoiding fixed and inflexible server units.

  • GTS Virtual Hosting is suitable for companies that require computing resources for:
  • Content sites enabling information and entrainment  portals;
  • Business application hosting enabling Extranets, e-commerce, software as a service;
  • Private sites enabling ERPs, CRMs, intranets;
  • Professional web presence providing high availability and performance.

With 10 years experience in providing data center and server hosting offerings, GTS guarantees the highest level of professional service. GTS Virtual Hosting is available for customers throughout the Central and Eastern European region.

Key GTS Virtual Hosting service benefits:

  • A fully-managed, reliable and secure environment
  • Service operations performed by GTS technical experts available on demand
  • Cost of ownership - reduced to a minimum, operational expenses only
  • Easy and fast provisioning lead time
  • Product variants optimized for typical customer applications
  • Allows IT teams to focus on their main priorities
  • Unrivalled flexibility in resource allocation
  • Contractually guaranteed reliability and availability
  • Self-service monitoring and control
  • Transition process supported by GTS professional services
  • A range of additional options: increased SLA, back up and storage

  “Many companies devote an entire IT staff to develop and execute their IT strategy in-house, forgetting that this is not their core business. We believe that by outsourcing the responsibility for server, security and management, the customer can go one step further and better focus resources on key company competencies. GTS Virtual Hosting encompasses putting the management of server infrastructure, operating systems, databases and applications in the hands of GTS’s certified professionals. The IT team is freed from time-consuming software updates and daily maintenance – things are simplified. Thanks to the technological support of our partners including VMware, Cisco and NetApp, we have created a completely new approach to server offerings for CEE corporate customers,” said Marcin Kotlarski, GTS Group Product Director.

The GTS Virtual Hosting offers two product types:

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a ready to use solution, the equivalent of a single physical server positioned for smaller businesses.
  • Virtual Hosting Environment (VHE) is the equivalent of a private Data Center composed of a number of resources (computing unit + memory + storage + additional services) and is a solution within which the customer can create many VPSs with the flexibility to move resources between one another. VHE is offered for large enterprises and public sector organizations.

The service is composed of enterprise class technology from proven infrastructure partners to deliver maximum achievable flexibility and control in usage. The completely redundant architecture of the server platform eliminates unexpected downtime and, if required, the supervising system can move running applications across running physical infrastructure to provide seamless operation of critical applications.

In terms of security, customers are separated from one another on several levels using the best available technology. If required, due to regulations or internal procedures, a dedicated solution can be delivered within the GTS Virtual Hostingarchitecture. Server Hosting is provided in GTS data centers that meet the strictest industry standards.

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