GTS enhances its cloud offerings with the release of improved Virtual Hosting product

GTS enhances its cloud offerings with the release of improved Virtual Hosting product

20.09.2012 | Warsaw | Press Releases

GTS Central Europe (GTS), a leading provider of integrated telecommunications and IaaS services in CEE, today introduced GTS Virtual Hosting, its newly enhanced, cloud based product suite. The new version offers more efficient pricing models and an unrivalled set of new functionalities. These include on-demand resources that are quickly available using the self-management online tool to create or suspend a machine with just a few clicks and invoicing based on hourly usage.

“The newly introduced version of GTS Virtual Hosting allows business customers to precisely and dynamically select, allocate and move computing resources. And with the newly improved product it’s even easier – customers can more flexibly handle their resources with the self-management online tool and if they choose to, they can pay only when the machine is running,”said Artur Ostrowski, Senior Vice-president Customer Solutions at GTS.

Companies may now choose from two available pricing models. With the new, full utility pricing model, a customer can pay only for the computing resources it uses. This is the perfect solution for application developers, for the fast creation of test environments, for seasonal applications and for any start-up when the developer is unable to precisely estimate upcoming traffic. The management portal enables rapid increase or decrease of resources and paying for resources on an hourly basis.

The second, fixed pricing model provides an agreed number of resources that can easily be moved from machine to machine while delivering the lowest unit price to the customer. This option is perfect for fixed production environments.

Highlights of the new features GTS is introducing:

-  Self-management online tool offering virtual resources administration – using the tool, customers can create, upgrade and suspend a machine using just a few clicks,   making on-demand resources quickly available,

-  Improved online performance monitoring,

-  20GB of professional backup solution free of charge.

GTS Virtual Hosting is an enterprise-class solution that provides a flexible and high-performance computing environment. The product is based on the infrastructure as a service model (IaaS).

The GTS Virtual Hosting service is available for customers throughout the Central and Eastern European region in two versions. Virtual Private Serveris a basic pre-defined server, while Virtual Hosting Environment is an advanced solution for complex IT systems such as CRMs, ERPs, databases or on-demand sandbox environments.

Customer data are stored and hosted at state-of-the-art GTS data centers. The highest service availability is guaranteed by a fully redundant and robust, enterprise-class storage platform located at GTS hosting facilities.

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