GTS Central Europe launches GTS Media Line, a new solution for media distribution and contribution

GTS Central Europe launches GTS Media Line, a new solution for media distribution and contribution

04.04.2011 | Bucharest | Press Releases

GTS Central Europe (GTS), a leading infrastructure-based telecommunications operator and data center services provider in Central and Eastern Europe, has launched today a new professional solution for media distribution and contribution. The new product, GTS Media Line, provides a media-optimized environment for transmitting a variety of media formats including HDTV while meeting specific media industry requirements. These include industry standardized media-interfaces and loss-less redundancy for example. GTS provides its own management system for the entire solution with guaranteed service parameters as a standard element. The service can be set up for permanent or occasional use.

“The media industry is changing rapidly and new trends such as digitalization, new digital formats including high definition video and 3D, new production techniques and the growing popularity of terrestrial broadband distribution are reflected in the development of our new services,” saidMilos Mastník, Vice President of Marketing at GTS. “Due to new, increasing needs for the transmission of high definition content, the media industry is being challenged by a growing demand for high capacity, high quality data transmission. HD content requires at least two times the bandwidth for distribution as a standard TV program. Media stream quality, high bandwidth flexibility and stability are the key benefits of our new solution, and they are essential for the creation of quality media. We noticed a significant move of media content from satellite to terrestrial transmission. GTS Media Line is specially tailored to meet media industry requirements in the rapidly approaching era of high definition.”

GTS Media Line service is intended for use in variety of situations. A typical application of the service is the provision of media content transmission from contribution centers to broadcasters with local, national and international reach. On the contribution level, it can be used for the interconnection of production locales with studios or production companies and the interconnection of TV studios. Another application would be the connection of TV studios with sports stadiums, concert halls or at other locations for one-time, specific events.

The service is based on the Ethernet and incorporates the specific requirements of the media industry both at the CPE and backbone level. It uses media-standardized interfaces, supports a variety of formats such as SD and HD, compressed or uncompressed, offers flexible bandwidth options from 2Mbps to 10Gbps, optional loss-less redundancy and a guaranteed Service Level Agreement. The operation of GTS Media Line is supported by a professional team of GTS engineers, available for consultation to create individualized solutions.

The GTS backbone network offers customers unrivalled capacity and excellent geographical reach across the central European region including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. In other countries, the GTS Media Line service is provided in cooperation with selected GTS group partner operators.


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