Disaster Recovery as a Service Any to Any

Disaster Recovery as a Service Any to Any

Off-site or local replication
Flexible implementation
Self-service protection
End-to-end Encryption

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With GTS DRaaS Any to Any, your company benefits from the quality of our Disaster Recovery solutions regardless of the chosen infrastructure.

Our specialists can replicate any physical or virtual solution (Hyper-V, VMware, OpenStack, etc.) in any infrastructure (physical server, private cloud, public cloud), both in GTS data centers and other  public cloud providers.
You can choose, for example, a virtual server infrastructure hosted either locally or in a private or public data center (GTS or other public cloud providers). The Disaster Recovery site is another virtual server infrastructure hosted either locally or in a private or public data center (GTS or other public cloud providers).

The combinations are countless, that's why we designed GTS DRaaS Any to Any as a flexible service. Whether or not you have a budget or an IT team specializing in Disaster Recovery, you can use our integrated, fast and secure replication package.


  • Replication

    Fast and flexible failover of specific VMs or an entire system.

  • Restoration

    Failback with zero losses and minimal interruption for users.

  • Analysis and recommendations

    Our engineers evaluate and provide advice for building a modern architecture.

  • Flexibility

    The RPO parameter can be set according to your requirements: from 15 minutes up to 24 hours. Up to 24 versions for restore points.


Your company operates in an increasingly complex and competitive world. The business and image risks brought by stopping the activity are too serious to be tolerated.

Fast restart

In the event of a disaster, a quick restart of the systems is essential both financially and for your company's reputation.

Delegation towards experts

With GTS DRaaS, you avoid complex scenarios of implementing your own solution. You receive full support from our specialists.

Complete and complex

Various automated functions and multiple integrations with private or public solutions.

Easy to use

You do not need advanced technical knowledge to use the package. You use a graphic interface integrated in vCenter.

Choose the infrastructure that suits you

We replicate any solution, physical or virtual, in any infrastructure: physical server, private cloud, public cloud.

Predictable costs

You know from the start what you have to pay each month.




Companies, and not only them, are constantly exposed to the risks that can lead to business interruption. Power outages or network problems, software or IT errors, natural disasters or cyber-attacks. A quick return to business is vital for the business to remain competitive.



Designed to help you have an easier and more profitable relationship with technology, GTS DRaaS Any to Any provides you with the experience of a team of specialists and our tested procedures. The solution we recommend is adapted to the specific requirements of your field and the infrastructure option you prefer.



You can be sure that your systems will restart quickly after the shutdown caused by unwanted events, reducing its impact on the life of your company.


“Our relationship with GTS dates back to 2003, during which the communication solutions offered by them have been adjusted and adapted to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible to our needs. With seriousness, promptness and professionalism, the GTS experts team managed to develop a complete package of integrated IT&C services, customized to our business requirements, thus simplifying the entire communication process with both employees and car dealers across the country.”



GTS DRaaS Any to Any is defined by flexibility. You have access to the experience of our specialists, whatever the backup option that suits you shall be: physical or virtual server, in public or private cloud, in our data centers or at other providers.

When the main solution becomes non-functional, the Disaster Recovery site takes over the activity of your company.

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