Cloud Trends in 2021

Cloud Trends in 2021

Cloud trends in 2021: how significant are the changes?

Cloud trends in 2021 are not stemming only out of the digital challenges that 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic threw at businesses and the society at large.

Some of the changes were anticipated long before, and 2021 is most likely to be remembered for significantly accelerating some of them. 

But let us take a look at the changes that interest us and our customers alike.

Growing investment in Cloud

The quality of the Cloud services has always been important. But in 2020, we were all able to see how the Cloud, which is the foundation of the digital transformation of the businesses, turned from a medium and long-term development factor into another one which is instrumental to surviving.

In 2021, the relationship between businesses and Cloud is becoming vital, and that will be seen in how mentalities evolve. Management and IT teams in ever more industries are shifting from “Is Cloud a solution to our business model?” to “How can we make the most of Clouds? What sort of Cloud we need? What is Multi-Cloud?”.

And budget appropriations will naturally reflect this different approach. An IDC estimate for the 2020 - 2023 timespan suggests Cloud expenses may account for 40% of the total IT budgets.

The need of flexibility grows. The importance of the Multi-Cloud services will grow along.

The Multi-Cloud architecture combines several Cloud services (public, private or hybrid), that are selected and configured depending on the needs and purposes of the different departments or types of activities in a company.

The Multi-Cloud implementation model helps businesses respond more quickly and more efficiently to the new needs, such as communicating and using data in platforms or applications that are shared with new clients or suppliers.

The future is one of the ever more effective cooperation. Multi-Cloud is the basis on which your company can start building its future.

Growing importance of security with Cloud

Cloud-based technologies - streaming and IoT, for example - were already developing at an ever growing speed and everyone of them has its own amount of sensitivity when it comes to cybersecurity.

2020, with its explosive growth of the need for remove work resources, came with a host of new challenges facing businesses and Cloud service suppliers. One of the most important is associated to the safety of the data and applications that are stored on the Cloud.

The Multi-Cloud architecture helps companies mitigate cybersecurity risks by integrating several types of clouds and the protection measures that are specific to each one. 

AI will be ever more used

2021 will build on the foundations laid in 2020 in terms of AI, data management and machine learning. 

As of the last year, these tools started to be used at a scale and for a purpose that had looked unimaginable until not so long ago. And they coped successfully with a challenge that seems to be once in a century: quickly and effectively responding to the global need to contain the spread and effects of Covid-19.

The development of the Cloud solutions brings a growing computing power closer to users, which will make it easier to use AI to solve ever more challenges that now face businesses and the society at large alike.

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