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Business Problem:

Stay ahead of the data explosion

Business Solution:

Reliable, scalable and costeffective
to support unprecedented data growth


Data Storage, Backup, Ethernet, Lambda


“The demand for storage capacity grew at a 43% compound annual growth rate (CAGR)
between 2008–2013. Nowdays fl exibility, and balance between performance and
costs are the challenges at the forefront of this extraordinary data growth.” GTS Network
Architecture and Development Director


IT organizations spend a significant portion of their resources and budget on ensuring they have a solution for continuous data storage expansion. There are different types of unstructured data files or large databases from various systems and platforms driving this growth.

It is technically challenging to find a storage solution given the vastly different IO profiles and performance, workload and reliability requirements of the data, especially when you add cost-effective to the equation.

New applications are being designed for dedicated storage devices often without considering given to the current state of resource utilization. An apparent lack of cost management and capacity planning results in substantial underutilization of existing infrastructure.

Data backup is another critical issue that adds to the data explosion.

Business Challenges

Four key data storage issues:
  • balancing performance and costs – various types of data require different levels of storage performance.
  • capacity planning – data growth management and complex configuration planning will be basic elements of future storage systems.
  • consolidation – the traditional approach resulting in low utilization of storage capacity must be addressed by an advanced storage solution.
  • flexibility – data growth cannot be controlled, you must rely on a flexible and proficient solution.


  • performance and cost tradeoffs addressed by comprehensive product variants
  • ensured high availability of your critical data
  • IT team freed from the complex capacity planning process
  • immediate response to explosive data growth
  • unrivalled and flexible backup technology permitting individualized policy management



GTS can support the explosive data growth challenges across of three components:
  • data storage – a comprehensive set of SAN and NAS options
  • backup – enterprise class backup and restoration system for data security assurance
  • network services – enables the connection of any location to storage and backup services

GTS provides standardized data storage services delivered over our own backbone regional network, utilizing our own proven and trusted data center infrastructure and team of experienced professionals.

GTS data storage products provide multi-level performance and scalable storage space for your business critical applications and data.

The service is designed to respond to the continuously evolving needs of customers, both within the GTS data centers and from remote sites.

To get access to the flexible storage platform, just connect to the GTS Working World network over IP, Fiber Channel or iSCSI and start filling the storage space paying only for what you need.

Your data is stored and hosted at GTS high caliber data centers. The highest service availability is guaranteed by a fully redundant and robust, enterprise-class storage platform located at one of our many data centers.

Even the best technical solution does not prevent accidental data loss as a result of technical failure or human error. With GTS Backup, many data protection options are available: multiple source types, individualized polices, fast restoration without the need to search through tapes.

Access to a management console to ensure performance monitoring and fast upgrades.

GTS Products allow you to select, allocate and move computing resources when and where they are needed according to demand.

Storage – flexible and easy to adopt data storage solution for business applications.
Backup – specifically designed to ensure that customers can securely access their business data no matter where the source data are located.
Ethernet – enables the interconnection your Storage Area Network in a cost effective and flexible manner using various storage and transmission protocols.
Lambda – a point-to-point data transmission service based on DWDM infrastructure providing bandwidth ranging from 1Gbps up to 10Gbps.

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