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Gain visibility, flexibility and control

GTS Smart Ethernet is a next generation business Ethernet service that provides you transparent data transport along with a real-time view into your network elements and access to key performance statistics. It is an ideal solution for point-to-point connectivity between your major offices, data centers and cloud computing resources. This enhanced visibility and control allows enterprises to quickly adjust their network infrastructure to always match your business needs and maximize business performance. With bandwidth flexibility and automated performance alerts, you receive the network control you deserve to move your business to the next level.


  • End-to-end visibility of real-time network performance
  • Configure automated alerts for the key proactive monitoring statistics
  • Flexibility to adjust capacity and application QoS parameters based on traffic patterns 
  • Ability to scale bandwidth up or down to meet the changing requirements of your business applications and cloud computing platforms
  • Access to an online Customer Portal that allows to easily set and modify performance thresholds 24x7
  • First-class reliability and performance guaranteed by a strong end-to-end SLAs
  • Quality of Service provisions to meet your application performance needs
  • Improve decision making and move your business forward
  • No expensive management software to buy


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GTS Smart Ethernet is a premium business Ethernet service that gives you real-time visibility, flexibility and control of your network. With GTS’ enhanced management tools, you can improve the alignment of your business and network infrastructure. Smart Ethernet is port-based service with enhanced protocol transparency allowing you to manage different data protocols and easily create your own VLANs. By configuring multiple CE-VLAN IDs, you can build and manage several virtual connections over a single port for multiple business applications.

Smart Ethernet provides you control of your network elements, segment-by-segment. It supports 3 classes of QoS to better manage and prioritize your different enterprise applications. Additionally, you can build your own performance thresholds to exactly match your business expectations and automatically receive email alerts if any of your network segments ever surpass your threshold settings. With network statistics at your fingertips, you can adjust your capacity and QoS provisions in real-time. Let your business thrive and benefit from a smarter network infrastructure.                 

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