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Vision and Values

Our Vision

GTS is for the Working World. We are all about work and helping our customers be more productive, more integrated, more profitable. We offer businesses unsurpassed reach and presence in the region. We use our services to create solutions that solve problems. We are focused and proven in the Working World.

Our Values

Our company values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the marketplace. They provide standards at every level of our business and are the ethical foundation for everything we do at GTS.

  We are committed to our customers
  For us it is essential to understand our customers' needs and develop innovative solutions
  which help them become a better business.


  We do as we say we are going to do
  Trust is earned. We follow our words with actions so everyone knows they can depend on us.

  Our people make the difference
  We are passionate and skilled. We have the courage to try new things, we dare.
  We work as a team to deliver services at the highest standards.
  We are proud of GTS.