GTS launches an ad campaign with its new claim

GTS launches an ad campaign with its new claim

26.09.2011 | Bucharest | Press Releases

GTS Central Europe (GTS), a premier provider of integrated telecommunications solutions in Central and Eastern Europe, will launch a new media campaign today in all the countries in which it operates. At the same time, it will present its new slogan “GTS. For the Working World” which reflects a focus on the corporate sector. The main theme of the campaign is the cloud computing service which is currently one of the most significant trends in field of ICT services. All information about certified services and cloud computing in general can be found on a newly created micro-site. The campaign will be followed up with special background material which will assist sales staff in guiding customers through the world of cloud computing.

“The basic goal of the new campaign is to present GTS as a leading provider of cloud services in the B2B field. Our customers have until now connected our company primarily with the telecommunications market. We would like to direct their attention to additional services which we provide and which are these days essential to us and our customers,” said Tereza Vránková, Director of Marketing Communications, GTS Group. “The campaign is directed at all the countries in the region and will be presented in the respective languages. Getting the word out about the trend to cloud computing is the central theme of the campaign; GTS thus keeps pace with world trends and fulfills the desires and requirements of its customers,” added Vránková.

The new campaign presents GTS primarily as an operator providing high added value services and information and communication technology. GTS is an operator focused on the corporate world which relates to the new GTS company slogan, “GTS. For the Working World”. The central concept of the campaign revolves around the topic of cloud computing and services connected with the cloud. It will begin the 26th of Sept. in all the countries in the region in which GTS operates – the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.

A component of the campaign will be a special micro-site concerned with cloud related issues. Thanks to the site, customers can increase their knowledge of the cloud, get information about how it works, the possibilities it offers businesses and how information placed in the cloud is secured.  The site regularly provides users with news related to the cloud and presents information about further options for its use. A version will be available in the language of each of the countries in the region.

Another part of the campaign is background material, i.e. white papers, designed especially for sales staff to help them assist customers through the world of the cloud. Thanks to the white papers, staff will be able to more easily explain what the cloud actually is, how it works and which advantages it offers businesses. They become then for the retail staff very useful tools which help support their cloud presentations and constitute concrete supporting material.

The campaign, which is to reach all firms throughout the Central and Eastern European region, was prepared for GTS by the Scholz and Friends Agency. The media strategy was prepared by Mindshare. The campaign can be found in print, on the Internet and OOH media.


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