GTS Telecom

GTS Telecom resulted after the merger of KPNQwest and GTS Romania. From March 2000 until 2004, the company was called KPNQwest / GTS Romania, and after the merger the name was changed to GTS Telecom.

KPNQwest was active on the Romanian market  since 1993, initially under the name EUnet, being one of the first commercial Internet service providers in Romania. The two companies that merged have been operating the  national communications infrastructure and had started in Oradea the first cross-border communications network in 2003.

In June 2010, GTS Telecom acquired Datek Telecom, a telecommunications operator present on the Romanian market since 1994. It owned a fiber optic network of over 400 kilometers and more than 200 local and international clients, including public institutions and private companies, especially in finance.

Starting with June 2014, GTS Telecom is owned by Deutsche Telekom through the acquisition of the former GTS Central Europe Group by Deutsche Telekom AG.

With a rich operating history of nearly 20 years in CEE, the company is committed to providing service excellence and value to its business, carrier and government customers with its national and international service portfolio consisting of data, voice, internet access, anti DDoS, cloud solutions and colocation options in the Bucharest data centers.

GTS Central Europe

GTS began operating in 1993 as a subsidiary of GTS Inc (USA). The company started out by offering businesses telecommunication solutions based on leased digital circuits and, at the same time, invested in its own network. Thus GTS became one of the first telcos in the CEE region with solid backbone and high-capacity multinational transmission network, secure telehouses, and expert network service per­sonnel.

In 1997, GTS added Internet to our service portfolio, offering our business customers top-quality, high-speed Internet access with a wide range of connectivity options.

In early 2000, GTS expanded its portfolio with ICT solutions and the expansion of the GTS network infrastructure became a key component of the success in the CEE region.

Since 2005, GTS has played an active role in market consolidation through its regional acquisitions: Aliatel (CZ), Telenor / Nextra (SK), Energis Polska (PL), Quadia (SK), Contactel (CZ), Datek (Romania), Interware (Hungary), Sitel (CZ), and Dial Telecom (SK).

In 2014, the GTS CE Group was bought by Deutsche Telekom AG.