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Business Oriented Virtual PBX

GTS Centrex offers hosted unified communication services to enterprises of all sizes and call-centers, allowing for increased compatibility with different network operators and terminals. As a customer oriented product, GTS Centrex easily adapts to your business dynamic due to it’s scalable features which facilitate our customers’ optimal cost control. GTS Centrex also provides solid business insights through various reporting / statistics options.


  • Easily scalable service up to any size
  • Intuitive interface & desktop companion allowing customer management of the service
  • Call forking to fixed and mobile terminals with a unique voicemail
  • Systematic & on the fly recording capacities
  • Voice provider compatibility allowing for usage of GTS Centrex with other voice providers
  • Reduced capital investment due to Increased compatibility for hardware, software and network components
  • High availability of a telecom-grade platform
  • Updates and maintenance work handled by GTS professionals
  • Complete 24 x 7 support & single point of contact for all voice-related issues
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Designed to improve customers' experience and performance, GTS Centrex offers fixed-mobile convergence, increased compatibility for hardware, software and network components and a telecom-grade platform, replacing and upgrading features of classic PBXs.

Call forking to fixed and mobile terminals & Unique voicemail

Call forking allows you to send a call to a group of fixed and mobile terminals simultaneously, through a single telephone number.  For example, this allows the user to have his mobile phone, desk (SIP) phone, tablet etc., connected to a single number, with a converged voicemail for all terminals.




Voice call continuity

Voice call continuity allows the user to switch between terminals during a call, without interrupting it.

For example:
  • The Salesman is on a call with the Customer on his fixed phone but he has to leave the office.
  • Salesman presses a key on his mobile phone to pull the call. GTS Centrex allows Saleman’s mobile to join the conversation transparently for the remote party.
  • The Salesman leaves the office and continues his call with the Customer from his mobile.