Video Surveillance System


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Video surveillance system (or CCTV – closed circuit television) is a television system operating in closed circuit. Video surveillance cameras with closed circuit are image capture devices from an interest area. The images can be seen in real time on a monitor/TV – hence the name “closed circuit television”. These images can be recorded with the help of a DVR (digital video recorder) made of a computer system with video capture board or a standalone DVR. All the  surveillance cameras can be accessed through the computer where you have the capture board or through the standalone dvr – the access is made through internet/LAN network.


  • Video surveillance systems offer a high efficiency and faster detection of the problems; CCTV provides a series of advantages such as :
  • Reducing the crime rate by discouraging the law breakers;
  • Reducing the security costs;
  • Faster answer in crisis situations;
  • Easy identification of suspects;
  • Enhanced safety sentiment;
  • Simplicity and reliability;
  • Better control from companies’ management on their employees;