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Break-in Detection and Alarm System


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Detection and alarm system for breaking in and aggression are installations made of one or more centralizing and signalizing equipment (referred to as breaking in stations), specific detectors, personal alerting devices, activation/deactivation surveillance in partitions devices, sound and optic alarm devices, devices for transmitting the alarm to alarm reception centers.


Different breaking in detection technologies are available for sale, such as:

  • Movement detection of a person in passive infrared (PIR type detectors);
  • Movement detection of a person in microwaves spectrum
  • Glass breaking detection through acoustic analysis;
  • Cutting, escalation or going under the perimeter fence detection through sensitive cables;
  • Crossing a line detection through infrared barriers, optical sensitive cables or capacitive cables;
  • Opening a door, window, etc. detection through magnetic contacts;
  • Piercing a wall, ceiling, floor through vibration analysis.